Michael Herman (mathematician)

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Michael Herman
Born6 November 1942
New York City
Died2 November 2000
Alma materParis-Sud 11 University
Scientific career
Doctoral advisorHarold Rosenberg
Doctoral studentsMarie-Claude Arnaud
Raphael Douady
Jean-Christophe Yoccoz
Bassam Fayad

Michael Robert Herman (6 November 1942 – 2 November 2000) was a French American mathematician. He was one of the leading experts on the theory of dynamical systems.

Born in New York City, he was educated in France. He was a student at École Polytechnique before being one of the first members of the Centre de Mathématiques created there by Laurent Schwartz. In 1976 he earned his PhD at the Paris-Sud 11 University, under supervision of Harold Rosenberg. He introduced Herman rings in 1979.

Among his students was Jean-Christophe Yoccoz, 1994 Fields Medalist.


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