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Michael Hoppé

Michael Hoppé is a composer, record producer and recording artist from the United Kingdom who now lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. In the early 1980s he was head of A&R for the PolyGram record label. He signed new-age acts such as Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Kitaro to the label as well as resigning ABBA and The Who. In 1984, he quit the business of music to take up composing (published by his company Chordially Yours Music) and working as a music consultant (InterConnection Resources) in Los Angeles. His discography contains more than 30 albums in the 'new age' or 'classical' category. Hoppe says his music is best described as heart music and is often used for healing and meditation. His album, Solace, was nominated for a New Age Grammy in 2003.[1] His music has been featured in film and television such as The Sopranos, The Oprah Winfrey Show, "Misunderstood" starring Gene Hackman, Michael Moore's "Sicko", and the multi award-winning Short Film "Nous Deux Encore" featured on his Enhanced CD "Tapestry". Many of his albums feature the photography of his grandfather E.O. Hoppé (1878-1972). Hoppe's next release "Grace" (2013) featured work by his daughter, the photographer Rebecca Hoppe. She also designed the cover for the critically acclaimed "Serenity" (2014) a collection of improvisations for viola, performed by Harold Moses, and keyboards. Hoppe's next release was "Nightingale" (2015) featuring the Italian folk singer Giuditta Scorcelletti and her husband producer/guitarist Alessandro Boingi, with lyrics by David George. Hoppe's next release was AMISTAD (2018). Spanish for "Friendship", AMISTAD features wonderful performances by his musician friends he met mostly in his new home, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. They are Pedro Cartas (violin), Joe Powers (harmonica), Dan Nicholas (guitar), Billy White (guitar)and David Mendoza-Diaz (guitar), and Alfredo Muro (guitar) In 2019 Triope, a classical trio in Korea released ”The Most Beloved Melodies of Michael Hoppe“ CD arranged by Sehwan Park, and performed by Jiyoung Yun (violin) and Youngmin Kim (cello) with Sehwan Park (piano)


  • 1984 - Misunderstood" soundtrack
  • 1987 - Eyes Of The Wind" CD Video
  • 1988 - Quiet Storms: Romances for Flute and Harp
  • 1989 - Homeland
  • 1993 - The Yearning-Romances for Alto Flute, with Tim Wheater (Editors Choice, Best Album-Stereo Review)
  • 1994 - The Dreamer-Romances for Alto Flute Vol. 2, with Tim Wheater
  • 1996 - Simple Pleasures Produced by George Daly
  • 1996 - Wind Songs, with Tim Wheater
  • 1997 - The Poet: Romances for Cello, with Martin Tillman (All Music Guide: Best Album)
  • 1998 - The Unforgetting Heart, with Harold Moses and Tim Wheater
  • 1998 - Tea for Two, with Tommy Eyre and Scarlet Rivera
  • 1998 - Lullabies & Childhood Dreams
  • 1999 - Afterglow, Hearts of Space Records, AFIM Indie Award Winner, Crossroads Music Award, with Martin Tillman and Tim Wheater
  • 2000 - Oboe and Cor Anglais
  • 2000 - Beloved, A Musical Tribute to the Queen Mother
  • 2001 - The Lover, with Tim Wheater (Visionary Award)
  • 2002 - The HeartAid Project, a 9/11 benefit piano collection
  • 2002 - Dreams That Cannot Die, Longfellow's poems set to music narrated by Layne Longfellow
  • 2003 - Wind and Waves-The Journey, with Tim Wheater, Chris Bleth and Stephan Liebold
  • 2003 - Solace, Grammy nomination, Visionary Award, 30 Greatest New Age Albums of All Time
  • 2005 - How Do I Love Thee?, Love poems with narration by Michael York
  • 2006 - Requiem, Hearts of Space Records, with Heidi Fielding and Dwain Briggs
  • 2007 - Romances For Solo Piano
  • 2009 - Nostalgie"-Romances for Harmonica, with Joe Powers
  • 2010 - Tapestry
  • 2010 - Two Eagles Soaring Haiku with narration by poet Brett Brady
  • 2010 - Far Away... Romances for Koto with Mitsuki Dazai. Rereleased in 2016 with extra titles
  • 2010 - Prayers-A Personal Selection read by Michael York (Audie Award nomination)

2010 Agnus Dei- Religious songs sung by Dwain Briggs

  • 2013 - Grace with Martin Tillmann (cello), AnDee Compton (contralto), Celeste Godin (soprano)

Alyssa Park (violin), Michael Hoppe (keyboards and vocals). Artwork/photography by Rebecca Hoppe. (Top Pick by reviewer Kathy Parsons)

  • 2013 - Rarities Vol. 1 (MP3 Downloads only) Artwork/photography by Rebecca Hoppé
  • 2014 - Serenity, Viola and Keyboard Improvisations with Harold Moses. Artwork/photography by Rebecca Hoppé (Top Pick by reviewer Kathy Parsons)

2014 Beautiful Dreams 2-CD set. Best of Michael Hoppé (Released in South Korea) Photography by Rebecca Hoppé

  • 2015 - "Nightingale" songs by Michael Hoppe sung by Giuditta with lyrics by David George. Artwork/photography by Rebecca Hoppé (Top Pick by reviewer Kathy Parsons)
  • 2016 - "Sands of Time" 2-CD set. Best of Michael Hoppé (Released in Taiwan) Photography by Rebecca Hoppé
  • 2017 - "Solace" 1st. time in Vinyl format, Limited Deluxe Box Set (Released in Taiwan) Photography by Rebecca Hoppé
  • 2017 - "Romances For Solo Piano" 1st. time in Vinyl format, Limited Deluxe Box Set (Released in Taiwan) Photography by Rebecca Hoppé
  • 2018 AMISTAD ("Friendship") by Michael Hoppe & Friends. Featuring Pedro Cartas, Joe Powers, Dan Nicholas, Billy White, Alfredo Muro, and David Mandoza-Diaz (Top Pick by reviewer Kathy Parsons)

2020 “Safe To Port” Choral works including “Requiem for Peace & Reconciliation“

“Beneath Mexican Stars“ piano works.

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