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Michael J. Roads
Born (1937-04-14) 14 April 1937 (age 82)
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
OccupationSpiritual teacher, author
GenreSpirituality metaphysics nature
Notable worksTalking with Nature
Journey Into Nature
Through the Eyes of Love (Books One, Two and Three)
SpouseCarolyn Roads

Michael Joseph Roads, (born 14 April 1937) is a UK-born resident of Australia and an author of essays, articles and books including Talking with Nature - Journey Into Nature, Journey Into Oneness and Into a Timeless Realm.[1] His more recent books include the award-winning novel Getting There, Talking with Nature, Journey Into Nature, The Magic Formula, Conscious Gardening,[2] and Through the Eyes of Love books one, two and three.


Roads was born in Cambridgeshire, England, and grew up as a farmer’s son. He left school as early as he could and worked for his father. At the age of 21, he married his first wife, Treenie, with whom he emigrated to Australia in 1964. Together, they had a beef and dairy farm and raised four children. During this time, he joined the Australian organic movement and he wrote his first book, on organic gardening, which became a bestseller. After selling the farm he and his wife co-founded a spiritual community, which they left after four years, eventually moving to a small town on the east coast of Australia.[3]

In his books, Roads declares that during his youth as a farmer he developed an ability to communicate with nature and began to explore the world from a metaphysical plane. Claiming that this insight helped him to recover from a serious illness, he began writing his books and giving public talks. For over twenty years,[when?] Roads has been a writer and spiritual teacher in many countries around the world.


Roads writes and gives inspirational talks about the power of unconditional love, and encourages his readers and listeners to explore spirituality and to overcome their perceived limitations in order to lead happier and more successful lives.

As well as in his own publications, Roads and his work have appeared in the publications and videos of a number of other writers, including Healthy-Living magazine,[4] Polly Darling,[5] GaiamTV's, Lilou Mace[6]


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