Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons

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Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons
Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons.jpg
AuthorTom O'Carroll
CountryUnited Kingdom
SubjectMichael Jackson
PublisherTroubador Publishing, Ltd.
Publication date
Media typePrint

Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons is a book by the writer and paedophile activist Tom O'Carroll, writing under the pen name Carl Toms, in which the author reviews extensively the controversially intimate relationships of the American singer Michael Jackson with young boys.

Published in 2010 in the United Kingdom by Troubador Publishing Ltd,[1] the book received pre-publication endorsements from five professors: D. J. West, emeritus professor of clinical criminology, University of Cambridge;[2] Richard Green, emeritus professor of psychiatry, UCLA;[3] William Armstrong Percy III, professor of history, University of Massachusetts;[3] Thomas K. Hubbard, professor of classics, University of Texas;[2] and James R. Kincaid, professor of English, University of Southern California.[2]

After publication, J. Michael Bailey, professor of psychology at Northwestern University, also gave high praise in a review for Archives of Sexual Behavior. Describing the author as “an unapologetic pedophile”, Bailey nevertheless advised potential readers to set aside any scepticism to which that might give rise. “The book,” he wrote, “is fascinating, challenging and discomfiting. Anyone wanting to understand Michael Jackson will need to read it.” Bailey noted that the book takes “a pro-pedophilic stance” and argues “persuasively” that Jackson was “almost certainly pedophilic”.[4]


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