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Naea Michael Jackson is a Niuean journalist and former politician.

In the 1970s and 1980s, he was government printer and government press photographer in Niue. He published the Tohi Tala Niue, Niue's government-owned weekly newspaper. In 1991, he set up a private printing business, and, in 1993, launched the weekly Niue Star,[1] which is now[when?] the country's only printed newspaper.[2] Jackson is the Star’s owner, editor, journalist and photographer.[3]

Also in 1993, Jackson stood successfully for Parliament in that year's general election. He later became an associate minister,[1] and remained a member of Parliament until 2008, when he was defeated in the general election.[3][4] He stated that there was "no conflict of interest" between his being a journalist and a member of government, because "we have a law to prevent us MPs from taking advantage of our positions".[1]

He is reportedly better known in Niue than his internationally more famous namesake, to the point that, when news of singer Michael Jackson's death reached Niue in July 2009, "most residents of the remote coral atoll (sic)[5] thought that it was him (sic) who had died".[6]

Jackson's father's father was English; hence his name.[3]


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