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Michael Jones
Michael Jones at RTX 2015.jpg
Jones at the Lazer Team panel at RTX 2015
Michael Vincent Jones

(1987-07-24) July 24, 1987 (age 33)
  • Actor
  • YouTube personality
  • podcaster
Years active2009–present
Known for
(m. 2014)

Michael Vincent Jones (born July 24, 1987) is an American actor, podcast host and internet personality who is known for his work with Rooster Teeth's gameplay division Achievement Hunter.[1] He also co-hosted three-time Podcast Award winner Internet Box.[2]

Jones has worked extensively with Rooster Teeth, having also starred in the second and third seasons of Immersion, the comedy murder mystery series Ten Little Roosters, and voices the character Sun Wukong in Rooster Teeth's RWBY, and Max in Camp Camp. He starred in Rooster Teeth's science fiction action comedy film Lazer Team, released in 2016, as well as its sequel the following year.[3][4]

His work outside of Rooster Teeth includes voicing Sting Eucliffe in Fairy Tail, Dogra in One Piece, Rapture in Ninja Slayer From Animation, and Gen in World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman.


Michael Jones and Gavin Free on the Achievement Hunter panel at RTX 2014

After graduating from high school, Jones worked as an electrician for almost five years.[5][6][7] Jones first came to attention after his video "Crackdown 2 – Orbs = Bullshit"[8] reached the front page of reddit.[9][10] He received an email from Rooster Teeth asking him to join and make a new show for Achievement Hunter, which became Rage Quit.[11][12] In September 2011, he co-founded the triple award-winning Internet Box podcast[13] hosted by himself, Barbara Dunkelman, Ray Narvaez, Jr., Andrew Blanchard, Mike Kroon, and Dylan "Dylon" Saramago, with Lindsay Jones and Kerry Shawcross being added to the cast later on. He is an occasional guest on the Rooster Teeth Podcast and is currently the main host of the Achievement Hunter podcast Off Topic and co-host of Face Jam along with Jordan Cwierz.

Jones has worked as both an actor and a voice artist in multiple projects, several of which are produced by Rooster Teeth. For Rooster Teeth's animated productions, he has voiced Sun Wukong in RWBY, lead character Max in Camp Camp, and Mogar in X-Ray and Vav. He has also portrayed live-action fictionalized versions of himself in both Rooster Teeth Shorts andTen Little Roosters,[14] as well as Zach in the sci-fi comedy film Lazer Team and Lazer Team 2.[15] He has co-starred in the Rooster Teeth series Immersion since season two. His non-Rooster Teeth credits include the animated shows Fairy Tail, as Sting Eucliffe, and World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman, as Gen. On October 1, 2016, Jones announced via Twitter that he will be playing Dogra in One Piece.[16]

The creator of the video game Surgeon Simulator named the alien character Gworb after a remark made by Jones in a Let's Play video in which Jones was conversing with Gavin Free.[17] In addition Gworb has an organ known as the "Gavichal", which is a combination of Michael Jones' and Gavin Free's names.

Personal life[edit]

Michael and his spouse Lindsay Jones

Jones was born in Woodbridge, New Jersey to "devout Roman Catholic parents."[18][19]

On May 9, 2014, Jones married his long-time romantic partner and Rooster Teeth voice actor Lindsay Tuggey.[20] During Rooster Teeth's 2016 Extra Life livestream, the couple announced that they are expecting a child, which was later revealed to be a girl in January 2017.[21] They announced the birth of their daughter, Iris Elise Jones, born May 24, 2017.[22] On August 5, 2018, Jones announced at RTX 2018 that he and Lindsay were expecting their second child in February 2019. Luna Claire Jones was born February 18, 2019.[23]



Year Title Role Notes
2016 Lazer Team Zach[24][25][26] Feature film
2017 Lazer Team 2 Zach[15] Feature film


Year Title Role Notes
2014–2019 Fairy Tail Sting Eucliffe[27][28] Television series; English version
2015 World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman Gen[29][30] Television series; English version
Dragonar Academy Additional Cast Television series; English version
Ninja Slayer From Animation Rapture Television series; English version
2016 One Piece Dogra Television series; English version
2016 Dagashi Kashi Additional Cast Television series: English version
2018 Overlord Hekkeran Termite Television series; English version


Year Title Role Notes
2011–2014, 2016 Internet Box Himself Podcast
2011–2014 Red vs. Blue Ground Soldier #2, Chain Guy, Private Ghanoush (voices) Web series
2011–2017 Rage Quit Himself[31][32] Web series
Rooster Teeth Shorts Himself[33][34] Web series
2012 Nature Town Cancer the Rabbit (Episode: "Tortoise and the Rare Disease")[35][36] Web series
2013–present Immersion Himself Web series
RWBY Sun Wukong[37] Web series
2014–present Play Pals Himself Web series
2014 Ten Little Roosters Himself[38] Web series; one episode
2015 YouTubers React Himself Web series
Let's Play Live: The Documentary Himself[39][40][41] Documentary
Tom & Bill Additional Voices Web Series; one episode
X-Ray and Vav Mogar[42][43] Web series
2015–present Off Topic Host Podcast
2016–present Camp Camp Max[44][45] Web series
RWBY Chibi Sun Wukong[46] Web series
Heroes and Halfwits Mogar Jones / Himself Web series
2017 The Eleven Little Roosters Operator Mikey[47] Web Series
2019–present Face Jam Himself Podcast

Video games[edit]

Year Title Voice role Notes
2013 LocoCycle Nicaragua Cocktail Partier[48]
2016 Worms W.M.D Worm voices[49]
2019 Vicious Circle Burn[50]


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