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The Michael Kelly Award, sponsored by the Atlantic Media Company, is awarded for "the fearless pursuit and expression of truth"; the prize is $25,000 for the winner and $3,000 for the runners-up.[1] In 2003 the University of New Hampshire, Department of English, established the Michael Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund, which awards a sophomore or junior student "who is passionate about journalism".[2]

Year Winner Finalists
2004 Anthony Shadid[3] Dan Christensen; Tom Junod; John Lantigua; George Packer
2005 Nicholas D. Kristof[4] David Grann; Kim Murphy; Maximillian Potter; Elizabeth Rubin
2006 Sharon LaFraniere[5] Kurt Eichenwald; James Risen; Eric Lichtblau; Chris Rose; Cam Simpson
2007 C. J. Chivers[6] Rukmini Maria Callimachi; Jesse Hamilton; William Langewiesche; Charles Forelle, James Bandler, and Mark Maremont; Steve Stecklow
2008 Loretta Tofani[7] Kelly Kennedy; Joshua Kors; Tom Vanden Brook; Peter Eisler; Blake Morrison
2009 Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry[8] Barry Bearak; Celia W. Dugger; Richard Behar; Peter Godwin
2010 David S. Rohde[9] Ken Bensinger and Ralph Vartabedian; Sheri Fink; Jeffrey Gettleman
2011 Mandy Locke and Joseph Neff[10] Emily Bazelon; John Bowe; Jonathan M. Katz
2012 Sarah Stillman[11] Rukmini Maria Callimachi; Kathy Dobie; A.M. Sheehan and Matt Hongoltz-Hetling
2013 Brian Mockenhaupt[12] Alberto Arce; David Barboza; Michael Phillips
2014 Rukmini Maria Callimachi[13] Matthieu Aikins; David Phillips; Megan Twohey


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