Michael Kranish

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Michael Kranish
Michael Kranish 2012 03.jpg
Michael Kranish at Miller Center, 2012
Born 1957
Status married
Education Syracuse University
Occupation Journalist
Employer The Boston Globe
Notable credit(s) The Real Romney
Children two daughters

Michael Kranish (born 1957) is an author and former correspondent with The Boston Globe.[1] He joined The Washington Post in 2015, where he is an investigative political reporter.[2]


A graduate of Syracuse University, Michael Kranish joined the Globe in 1984. Since 1990 he has worked in the newspaper's Washington Bureau and was the White House reporter during the last two years of the presidency of George H.W. Bush and the first two years of Bill Clinton. He was the paper's national political reporter during the 1996 and 2000 campaigns. His other assignments with the Globe have included congressional reporter, New England reporter, and business writer. He previously worked for The Miami Herald and The Lakeland Ledger.

He is the co-author (with Brian C. Mooney, and Nina J. Easton) of a biography of Senator John Kerry (John F. Kerry: The Complete Biography by the Boston Globe Reporters Who Know Him Best, PublicAffairs, 2004. ISBN 1-58648-273-4), and the author of a history of Thomas Jefferson (Flight from Monticello: Thomas Jefferson at War, Oxford University Press, 2010, ISBN 9780195374629).[3] He is co-author with Globe writer Scott Helman[4] of The Real Romney (2012: Harper ISBN 9780062123275[5]).[6][7]

Michael Kranish lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with his wife, Sylvia, and two daughters, Jessica and Laura.


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