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For other people named Michael Krasny, see Michael Krasny (disambiguation).
Michael Krasny
Born 1944
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Show Forum
Station(s) KQED-FM, Sirius
Time slot Monday–Friday, 9:00-11:00 Pacific Time Zone
Style Presenter
Country United States
Previous show(s) KTIM (FM) - Beyond the Hot Tub - KGO (AM) - Nightfocus
KRON-TV - Take Issue
NPR - Talk of the Nation

Michael J. Krasny is an American radio broadcaster, who is currently the host and senior editor of KQED-FM radio's award-winning Forum, a news and public affairs program covering politics, culture, the arts, health, business and technology. Krasny has served as the host of Forum since 1993.[1]



In the late 1970s, Krasny hosted a weekly Marin County talk show called "Beyond the Hot Tub" on low-power rock radio station KTIM-FM.[2][3] He went on to host a popular radio program on KGO (AM) from 1984 to December 1992.[4] He became the host of Forum in 1993, expanding the focus of the program to more national themes.[5]

Krasny is a professor of English at San Francisco State University where he has taught primarily American literature since 1970.[1] He received his B.A. cum laude in 1966 and M.A. in 1967 from Ohio University, where he attended the Honors College and became a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He holds a Ph.D. in 20th century American literature from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.[1]

Krasny is a widely published scholar, critic and fiction writer. He has also worked widely as a facilitator and host in the corporate sector and as a moderator for nonprofit events.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Krasny is a long-time resident of Greenbrae, California.[2] SFSU Online Magazine[6] reports that Krasny's wife is an attorney and an alumna of San Francisco State University, and that Krasny has two daughters. On his Forum show, Krasny has over the years made repeated references to one or the other of his daughters. Despite his intellectual reputation today, Krasny admits to having had a "bad boy" reputation while growing up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio[7] Michael is among the outstanding graduates of Cleveland Heights High School (class of 1962) featured in the book Every Tiger Has a Tale.[8]

Krasny has mentioned that "krasny" ("красный") is the Russian word for "red".[9]


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