Michael Krešimir II of Croatia

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Michael Krešimir II
King of Croatia
Reign 949–969
Predecessor Miroslav of Croatia
Successor Stephen Držislav
Died 969
Burial Church of St. Mary, Solin
Spouse Jelena of Zadar
House House of Trpimirović
Father Krešimir I of Croatia
Religion Christian

Michael Krešimir II (Croatian: Mihajlo Krešimir, Latin: Michael Cresimirus) (died 969) was King of Croatia from 949 to his death in 969. He was a member of the House of Trpimir. Krešimir II was a son of Krešimir I and the younger brother of Miroslav, who preceded him as King of Croatia in 945.

Krešimir was brought to the throne by the powerful ban Pribina, who rebelled against the former king Miroslav for having his jurisdiction restrained from some areas. The civil war eventually ended with Miroslav's death in 949 and the reign of Mihajlo began.

The Croatian kingdom reached its former glory during Michael's reign. He ravaged the Bosnian župa's Uskoplje, Luka and Pleva, and eventually conquered the whole region of Bosnia that was originally lost during the reign of Miroslav. The Bosnian ban fled to Hungary, after realizing he couldn't fight back and, by 968, Michael pacified the local tribes, establishing full control.

Proving that the state navy strengthened as well, Michael was a victor in a conflict with the Arab pirates near the Italian peninsula Gargano in 969.[1]

Mihajlo and his wife Jelena of Zadar had good relations with the Dalmatian cities. Jelena built the royal family mausoleum in Solin where, at the end of the 19th century, an inscription of her grave was found and translated, bearing her title Queen. She outlived Michael for 7 years.

Mihajlo ruled until his death, and his son Stjepan Držislav succeeded him.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Croatia
Succeeded by
Stephen Držislav