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Michael Kulikowski (born 1970) is an American historian, tenured at the Pennsylvania State University, who is a specialist in the history of the western Mediterranean world of Late Antiquity. He has published two books Late Roman Spain and Its Cities (Johns Hopkins University Press), 2004, and Rome's Gothic Wars: From the Third Century to Alaric (Cambridge University Press), 2006, as well as numerous articles, which range from the dependability of the Notitia Dignitatum[1] as a historical source or ethnic self-identifications[2] to examination of the careers of various late Roman individuals. He is the editor of the forthcoming Landmark Ammianus Marcellinus. Before moving to Penn State in 2009, Kulikowski taught at Washington and Lee University, Smith College, and the University of Tennessee.

He received his B.A. from Rutgers University, 1991, his M.A., 1992, and Ph.D., 1998, from the University of Toronto, and a Licentiate of Mediaeval Studies (canon law) from the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies in 1995. He is Professor of History and Classics and Head of the History Department at Penn State.


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