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Michael Larabel is the founder of Phoronix, a Linux advocate and consultant[1] and the director of software development for Reside@HOME.[2]

He received a great deal of attention[according to whom?] for starting the ATI Technologies Redblog[3] and issuing The State of ATI Linux[4] in the early days of operating Phoronix. He founded Phoronix on June 5, 2004 originally as a personal website but has grown in popularity among Linux users[5] that in turn led to the formation of Phoronix Media.[6] According to a Linux.com interview, Michael Larabel started Phoronix after being dissatisfied with Linux hardware compatibility at the time.[7]

Larabel is also the lead developer of the Phoronix Test Suite—​an open-source benchmarking software package for Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, BSD, and Windows operating systems—​and related software such as Phoromatic and PTS Desktop Live.[8]

In addition to his publishing roles at Phoronix, he is also a writer for Fedora News[9] and Linux+DVD Magazine and is a speaker at conferences such as the Southern California Linux Expo.[10]


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