Michael Maggio Emerging Designer Award

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Michael Maggio Emerging Designer Awards
Awarded for Recognizing emerging Theatrical Designers in the Chicago area.
Country  United States
Presented by Michael Merritt Awards and Endowment Fund
Reward Honorarium of $2,000
First awarded 2000/08
Official website http://merrittawards.com/

The Michael Maggio Emerging Designer Award is awarded to Chicago Area emerging scenic, costume, lighting, sound, composition, projection or other designers in acknowledgment of excellence in artistry and collaboration. The award is named in honour of Associate Artistic Director of the Goodman Theatre and Dean of The Theatre School at DePaul University Michael Maggio. The award and an honorarium, inaugurated in 2000, following Michael Maggio's death, are presented annually.[1]

The Michael Maggio award is one of the Michael Merritt Design Awards, inaugurated in 1994 following the death the previous year, at age of 47, of designer and teacher Michael Merritt. These awards are presented to nationally recognised theatrical designers committed to excellence and collaboration. The Michael Merritt Endowment also gives annual academic prizes to budding design students at Columbia College Chicago (where Merritt taught), Northwestern University, The Theatre School at DePaul University and Loyola University Chicago. At their annual event and exhibition prizes and honorariums are presented for best professional exhibit (the Michael Philippi Prize) and best student exhibit.[2]

The Michael Merritt Award For Excellence In Design And Collaboration[edit]

Christopher Akerlind, Lighting and Scenic Designer (2003)

Loy Arcenas, Scenic Designer (1995)

John Arnone, Scenic Designer (1996)

John Lee Beatty, Scenic Designer (2005)

Gabriel Berry, Costume Designer (2004)

Mara Blumenfeld, Costume Designer (2012)

John Boesche, Projection Designer (1997)

Robert Brill, Scenic Designer (2004)

Linda Buchanan, Scenic Designer (1994)

David Budries, Sound Designer (2008)

Pat Collins, Lighting Designer (1996)

John Conklin, Scenic Designer (2000)

Deborah M. Dryden, Costume Designer (1999)

Ralph Funicello, Scenic Designer (1998)

Jess Goldstein, Costume Designer (2013)

Jane Greenwood, Costume Designer (2002)

Wendall K. Harrington, Projection Designer (2000)

Susan Hilferty, Costume Designer (1995)

Donald Holder, Lighting Designer (2001)

Allen Lee Hughes, Lighting Designer (1997)

James F. Ingalls, Lighting Designer (1995)

Nan Cibula-Jenkins, Costume Designer (1998)

Virgil C. Johnson, Costume Designer (2001)

Marjorie Bradley Kellogg, Scenic Designer (1994)

Santo Loquasto, Scenic and Costume Designer (2002)

Tom Lynch, Scenic Designer (1997)

Derek McLane, Scenic Designer (2003)

Rob Milburn, Composer and Sound Designer (1998)

Martin Pakledinaz, Costume Designer (1996)

Michael Philippi, Scenic and Lighting Designer (2010)

Kenneth Posner, Lighting Designer (1999)

Todd Rosenthal, Scenic Designer (2009)

Walt Spangler, Scenic Designer (2011)

Paul Tazewell, Costume Designer (1999)

Jennifer Tipton, Lighting Designer (2005)

Michael Yeargan, Scenic Designer (1994)

Catherine Zuber, Costume Designer (2007)

The Michael Maggio Emerging Designer Awards[edit]

Thomas Burch, Scenic Designer (2005)

Kevin Depinet, Scenic Designer (2008)

Mikhail Fiksel, Sound Designer (2011)

Michelle M. Habeck, Lighting and Scenic Designer (2002)

Sarah Hughey, Lighting Designer (2013)

Lindsay Jones, Composer and Sound Designer (2001)

Lee Keenan, Lighting and Scenic Designer (2012)

Ana Kuzmanic, Costume Designer (2007)

Shannon McKinney, Lighting Designer (2000)

Keith Parham, Lighting Designer (2009)

Collette Pollard, Scenic Designer (2010)

Elizabeth Shaffer, Costume Designer (2004)

Jaymi Lee Smith, Lighting Designer (2003)

Mike Tutaj, Projection Designer (2012)

Chelsea Warren, Scenic Designer (2012)

Academic Achievement Prizes For Collaborative Design[edit]

Victoria Bain, Scenic and Sound Design (2012)****

Nick Belley, Lighting Design (2012)***

Melanie Berner, Costume Design (2009) *

Thomas Burch, Scenery & Costume Design (2003) **

Chantal Calato, Costume Design (2008) **

Stephen H. Carmody, Scenic Design (2009) ***

Mary C. Carpenter, Lighting Design (1997) *

Claire Chrazan, Costume Design (2011)*

Christine Conley, Costume Design (2007)***

Edward Earl Cook III, Scenic & Lighting Design (1999) *

Stephanie Cluggish, Costume Design (2013) **

Scott Davis, Scenic & Lighting Design (2011) **

Sally Dolembo, Costume Design (2012) **

Jason Epperson, Lighting & Scenic Design (2003)*

Lee Fiskness, Lighting Design (2009) **

Jeremy W. Floyd, Costume and Scenic Design (2010)**

Jeff Gary, Sound Design (2011) ***

Wendy Hansen, Scenic Design (2002) *

Jack Hawkins, Sound Design (2013) ***

Jessica Harpenau, Lighting Design (2008) *

Wade Holliday, Lighting Design (2010)*

Jennifer Hutchinson, Set Design (1997) *

Kristie Maria Jodlowski, Costume Design (1994) *

Jared Kassof, Costume Design (2007)*

Lynne Koscielniak, Lighting and Scenic Design (1999) **

Ana Kuzmanic, Costume Design (2004) **

Brandon Lewis, Set Design (2004)*

Sharon Limpert, Costume Design (2013)****

Victor Mahler, Lighting and Set Design (2001) *

Jenna McDonald, Lighting Design (2001) ***

Scott Christopher Neale, Scenic Design (2005) **

Kathryn Novello, Costume Design (1999) ***

Matthew L. Osmon, Costume, Make-up and Set Design (2000) *

Lindsay Karen Pate, Costume Design (2004) ***

Zane Pihlstrom, Scene Design (2002) ***

Delia Ridenour, Costume Design (2013)*

Grant Sabin, Set Design (2005) *

Claire Sangster, Lighting Design (2012)*

Tina Schenk, Costume Design (1998) *

Joshua Spitzig, Scene Design (2000) ***

Sean Tanner, Lighting Design (1995) *

Michelle Tesdall, Costume & Scenic Design (2002) **

Alicia Turner, Costume Design (1996) *

Samantha Umstead, Costume Design (2008) ***

Christopher Ventresca, Lighting & Scenery Design (2003) ***

Chelsea Warren, Costume Design (2007)**

Williams G. Wever, Costume Design (2010)***

Julie Wilms, Lighting Design (2005) ***

David Wisniewski, Scenic Design (2001) **

Matthew York, Set and Costume Design (2000) **

  • Columbia College Chicago
    • Northwestern University
      • The Theatre School at DePaul University
        • Loyola University Chicago

The Michael Philippi Prize For Best Exhibit: Professional[edit]

Thomas Dixon, Sound Designer (2012)

David Hyman, Costume Designer (2013)

Nick Keenan, Sound Designer (2010)

Shaun Renfro, Scenic Designer (2011)

The Prize For Best Exhibit: Student[edit]

William Boles, Scenic Designer (2012)

Miodrag Mekey Guberinic, Costume Designer (2011)

Alison Heryer, Costume Designer (2010)

Jillian Rothman, Scenic Designer (2013)