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Michael H. McCain B.A. (born November 13, 1951) is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of Maple Leaf Foods, since January 1999. Michael is listed on Canadian Business Magazine’s 100 richest Canadians.

Born in Florenceville, New Brunswick, McCain is the son (one of four siblings) of Wallace McCain, a founder of McCain Foods, and Margaret McCain.

McCain attended Mount Allison University and then Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario (graduated in 1979 with a BA in Business Administration).[1]

In 1979, he joined McCain Foods sales department[1] and worked up into management. By 1986, he was President of McCain Citrus Incorporated and appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of McCain Foods USA Incorporated in 1990.[2] In the 1990s a prolonged legal dispute between McCain co-founders and brothers Wallace and Harrison McCain over succession to the company leadership ended with the departure of Wallace and Michael from McCain Foods.[3]

McCain joined Maple Leaf Foods as President and Chief Operating Officer in April 1995, and is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of the firm. McCain is also the director of Maple Leaf Foods, McCain Capital Corporation and McCain Foods Group Inc. McCain is also a member of the board of the Royal Bank of Canada, the American Meat Institute, and also serves on the board of trustees of the Hospital for Sick Children. He was also director of the American Frozen Food Institute and Bombardier Inc.

As CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, McCain's handling of the 2008 listeria outbreak with frank and open communications made him a role model for crisis management.[4]

McCain was married to Christine McCain in 1981 and divorced in January 2013. The court decree nullified a contract imposed on Christine at the time of marriage by Wallace McCain, Michael's father, that waived her right to spousal support.[5][6]


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