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Michael Meeks
Michael Meeks at the OpenOffice.org conference 2007 in Barcelona, Spain--2007-09.jpg
Michael Meeks at the OpenOffice.org conference 2007 in Barcelona, Spain
OccupationSoftware developer for Collabora
Home townCambridge, United Kingdom

Michael Meeks is a British software developer. He is primarily known for his work on GNOME, OpenOffice.org and now LibreOffice[citation needed]. He has been a major contributor[citation needed] to the GNOME project for a long time working on its infrastructure and associated applications, particularly CORBA, Bonobo, Nautilus and GNOME accessibility.[1] He was hired as a Ximian developer by Nat Friedman and Miguel de Icaza in mid-2000[citation needed], continuing at Novell, SuSE and then Collabora.[2]

Meeks is a free software hacker who has contributed a lot of time to decreasing program load time.[3] He created the direct binding, hashvals, and dynsort implementations for GNU Binutils and glibc.[3] Most of this work was focused at making OpenOffice.org and now its fork LibreOffice start faster,[3] and was later subsumed into the "-hash-style=gnu" linking optimization. His work on iogrind also allows applications to be profiled and optimized to first-time (or 'cold') start far more rapidly[citation needed].

He supports LibreOffice and Evolution as the free software solutions for document editing and groupware.[4]

Previously he worked for Quantel gaining expertise in real time AV editing and playback achieved with high performance focused hardware/software solutions.[citation needed]

Meeks is a Christian, which he says made him think about the moral aspects of his own illegal use of non-free software and converted him finally to free software.[1]


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