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Michael Mobbs
Michael Mobbs.jpg
Born 6 June 1950[1]
Occupation Author and sustainability consultant
Nationality Australian

Michael Mobbs is a Sydney-based author and environmental consultant. He graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Laws in 1975[2] and then worked as an environmental lawyer for 19 years. Through this work he developed an interest in sustainability.[3] Mobbs served as an Independent Alderman on the City of Sydney Council from 1985–1987.[2] In the 1990s Mobbs converted his Chippendale home into a more sustainable house by modifying the water, energy and waste systems. He regularly opens his house for guided public tours.[4]

In 2009, The (Sydney) Magazine listed Michael Mobbs as one of Sydney's 100 most influential people.[5] He has an ongoing role in the urban food growing movement in Sydney and has been a contributor to the Chippendale verge gardens.[6]


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