Michael Noonan (linguist)

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Michael Paul "Mickey" Noonan
Born (1947-09-14)September 14, 1947
Auburn, New York
Died February 23, 2009(2009-02-23) (aged 59)
Citizenship American
Fields Linguistics
Institutions SUNY Buffalo
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
Alma mater UCLA
Known for Tibeto-Burman languages
Documentary linguistics
Nilotic languages

Michael Noonan (linguist) (September 12, 1947–February 23, 2009),[1] was an American linguist specializing in functional and typological linguistics.

He graduated from UCLA with a PhD in Linguistics in 1981.[2]

He specialized in particular in Tibeto-Burman, Nilotic (Lango language), the Chantyal language, and the Nar Phu language.[3]


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