Michael Nyman for Yohji Yamamoto

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Michael Nyman for Yohji Yamamoto
Studio album by Michael Nyman
Released December 13, 1993 (Japan)
Recorded 1993, Air Studios, London
Genre Chamber music, Contemporary classical music
Length 44:03
Label Consipio Record
Director Nobuyuki Takahashi
Producer Yohji Yamamoto, Michael Nyman
Michael Nyman chronology
The Piano
Michael Nyman for Yohji Yamamoto
The Piano Concerto/MGV
Singles from Michael Nyman for Yohji Yamamoto
  1. "Anohito no Waltz"

Michael Nyman for Yohji Yamamoto is volume 2 of Yohji Yamamoto's series of albums, The Show. The album features the solo violin work Yamamoto Perpetuo (a play on "moto perpetuo"), which Nyman has since adapted into the String Quartet No. 4 (originally appearing on the album, The Suit and the Photograph) and the orchestral work, Strong on Oaks, Strong on the Causes of Oaks. The violin is played by Alexander Balanescu, and Nyman can be heard on one track, "Song L," at the piano.

The theme of The Show was "Cinderella", and Yamamoto desired "Some European folk element" in the score. At the time, Nyman had access only to some Scottish folk songs he had gathered but not used for The Piano, so three tunes, all of which happen to be in A-minor Aeolian mode, were worked into the score.[1]

Because the album was a limited release in Japan, and not released in other parts of the world, it is something of a collector's item for Nyman fans.

An associated single, "Anohito no Waltz" was also released. The title track appears only on the single, while "Song L" appears as its B-side.

Track listing[edit]

  1. M-1 song A 2'00"
  2. M-2 song B 2'36"
  3. M-3 song C 2'15"
  4. M-4 song D 5'17"
  5. M-5 song E 4'08"
  6. M-6 song F 3'35"
  7. M-7 song G 3'35"
  8. M-8 song H 3'03"
  9. M-9 song I 3'24"
  10. M-10 song J 2'55"
  11. M-11 song K 4'07"
  12. M-12 song M 2'27"
  13. M-13 song L 2'58"



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