Michael O'Donohue

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Michael O'Donohue
former Immaculate Conception Church, Hartford, Connecticut
Born 1839
Died 1912
Hartford, Connecticut

Michael O'Donohue (1835–1912) was an Irish-American builder and architect from Hartford, Connecticut who designed a number of ecclesiastical buildings in New England for both Roman Catholic and Jewish clients.

Early life and career[edit]

O'Donohue was born in 1835 Ireland and immigrated to America in 1872. Little is known of his life before his relocated to Hartford.

Architectural practice[edit]

In 1890 he moved to Hartford, Connecticut where he established an architectural practice under his own name. He carried on an active business as a designer of Catholic churches in the Gothic Revival style. O’Donohue is one of the few architects of Catholic churches to have also built for non Catholic clients as well.


O'Donohue is not as significant a figure in 19th Century American Catholic architecture as his fellow countrymen and contemporaries Patrick. C Keely, James Murphy, or Patrick W. Ford.[citation needed] Nonetheless his work is appreciated today and several of his buildings have been selected to National Registers.[1]



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