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Michael Omondi Jakoyo (October 10, 1961 – September 17, 2008) was a field hockey midfielder and Olympic competitor from Kenya.

He died in Nairobi.

Hockey career[edit]

He played High School hockey for Kisumu Boys' School. At the club level, he captained the now defunct Barclays Bank hockey club.[1]

He competed for the Kenya national field hockey team at the 1984 Olympics and 1988 Olympics.[2] He was also part of the Kenyan team that won gold at the 1987 All-Africa Games held in Nairobi. He is also gold medalist from the Africa Junior Championship held in 1982 in Kenya.[3]

He captained Kenya at the 1989 Hockey African Cup for Nations.[1] At the last match there, Kenya needed a win over Egypt in order to qualify for the 1990 Hockey World Cup. Egypt equalised at the last moment, prompting Omondi to protest fiercely. As a consequence, Omondi was banned from playing hockey for two years. Omondi subsequently quit his playing career.[4]

Coaching career[edit]

After retirement, he had a career in coaching, he was the head coach of USIU-A hockey club [1] and Kenya women's national field hockey team.[5] He was also the Match Secretary of Kenya Hockey Union.[6]


He died on September 17, 2008 at the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi after a short illness.[3]


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