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LA Bruise, created by Oman-Reagan in 2005, Private Collection Los Angeles, California.

Michael Paul Oman-Reagan (born 1976) is an American post-minimal post-conceptual artist and curator. Oman-Reagan is known for his work around socio-cultural and anthropological themes.[1]


"The art-world is rife with politicking. Ostensibly curators engage in acts of selection for the welfare of the artist. The act of selection, however, often creates a transformative rather than a transactional relationship between artist and exhibition space. A curator should be a conduit for democratic dialogue, not a "decider". -Michael Paul Oman-Reagan [2]

Quotes about[edit]

"He and I talk[ed] about anthropology, Gerhard Richter and the question of whether artists should strive for a recognizable style (I say yes; he says no)." - Author Richard Speer[3]

"“This is by Michael Oman-Reagan,” Engelman says. She sums up the work’s appeal: “It’s part of the quietness of fluorescence.” There’s another in the main hallway of her home. People would walk by it and walk by it and all of a sudden notice it, probably because of the way the light was shining and it would glow a little bit. And once you notice it you never could walk by that wall without seeing that stick. That to me is fascinating, the impact it has." - Collector Sylvia Engelman[4]


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