Michael Pedersen Friis

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Michael Pedersen Friis
7th Prime Minister of Denmark
In office
April 5, 1920 – May 5, 1920
Monarch Christian X
Preceded by Otto Liebe
Succeeded by Niels Neergaard
Personal details
Born (1857-10-22)October 22, 1857
Died April 24, 1944(1944-04-24) (aged 86)
Political party Not affiliated with any party

Michael Pedersen Friis (October 22, 1857 – April 24, 1944) was Prime Minister of Denmark April 5, 1920 to May 5, 1920. His cabinet was called the Cabinet of M.P. Friis.

M.P. Friis was a journalist and an official and 1911-1923 he was the public trustee of Denmark. On 29 March King Christian X had dismissed Prime Minister Carl Theodor Zahle and replaced him with Otto Liebe, but this use of power by the king triggered the Easter Crisis of 1920, and Otto Liebe resigned 5 days later. Michael Pedersen Friis was then appointed head of a forretningsministerium (caretaker cabinet) to lead Denmark until elections could be held and a new government appointed.

Under Michael Pedersen Friis the necessary changes were made to integrate the land acquired in the Schleswig Plebiscite into the election rules, and new elections were held. On 5 May 1920 Niels Neergaard became the new Prime Minister in a government consisting only of the Liberal Venstre party.

Political offices
Preceded by
Otto Liebe
Prime Minister of Denmark
5 April 1920 – 5 May 1920
Succeeded by
Niels Neergaard
Preceded by
Henri Konow
Defence Minister of Denmark
5 April 1920 – 5 May 1920
Succeeded by
Klaus Berntsen