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Dr. Michael Peyron (b. 1935[1]) is a specialist in the field of Berber language, literature and culture.[2] He is also well known as a writer on tourism in Morocco.[3]

Michael Peyron was born in the Cannes, France. He has studied in France (at the universities of Bordeaux and Grenoble). His doctoral thesis was on an Amazigh area in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Peyron taught at the Faculty of Letters of Mohammed V University in Rabat (1973–1988) and in the English Department at Grenoble University (1988–95). In the late 1980s, the focus of his career switched from English to Amazigh studies. From 1995 to1997 he was a guest lecturer at King Fahd School for Translation (Tangier, Morocco), and since 1997 has been a visiting professor at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane.[4]


Michael Peyron’s publications include two volumes of bi-lingual Berber-French poetry and a collection of folktales in a Berber-English edition. Since 1985 he has regularly contributed entries to the Encyclopédie berbère

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  • Tassawt Voices, by Mririda n-Ayt Attiq and René Euloge, translated by Michael Peyron, AUI Press, Ifrane 2008 [3]
  • Great Atlas: Traverse Morocco (two volumes), West Col Productions (first published in 1989), ISBN 978-0-906227-40-4.


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