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Michael Phillips (born 1938) is a published author of eleven books and a founder of the Briarpatch Network. As a banker in 1967 he organized Mastercard. Phillips was president of the Point Foundation in 1973 (Point was created with money from the Whole Earth Catalog); Writing for the CoEvolution Quarterly in 1976 he was the first person to suggest random selection of legislators and co-authored the first book on the subject in 1985 [1] Phillips has been an expert witness in more than a dozen public utility cases on behalf of major American minority organizations. From 1988 to 1998 he produced and hosted the national public radio program Social Thought [2] He is also a pro-business blogger.[3]


  • The Seven Laws of Money, Random House, 1974
  • Marketing Without Advertising, Nolo Press 1984
  • Honest Business, Random House 1982
  • Commerce, Clear Glass Press, 2000
  • Simple Living Investments, Clear Glass Publishing, 1982

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