Michael Prevost

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Michael Prevost
Medal record
Men's Boxing
Pan American Games
Silver medal – second place Mexico City 1975 Light Middleweight

Michael Prevost (born June 5, 1953 on a Canadian military base in Hameln, Germany) is retired from amateur boxer, who represented Canada at the 1976 Summer Olympics. There he was disqualified (for holding while looking at the clock to determine how much time remained) in his first fight by an Australian referee. The referee was also later disqualified when he was found with a suspicious amount of money, that was not in his possession when entering Canada. Prevost won the silver medal at the 1975 Pan American Games.

He was also Canadian champion seven times and had been boxing since the age of five. Although the Canadian Boxing Association asked him to represent Canada in the following commonwealth games, he declined on the grounds that he had not been fully supported in rectifying the situation during the 1976 Olympics.