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Michael Quatro (born 12 June 1943, Detroit, Michigan, USA)[citation needed] is a keyboard player and songwriter who released several albums in the 1970s.[1] These albums became especially popular in Detroit, Michigan, where Quatro was popular on the club scene.[1] He also received some airplay on FM radio. Quatro's 1972 album Paintings contains his popular single "Circus (What I Am)", which peaked at No. 8 on Billboard Magazine's Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart. It peaked at No. 91 on the Cash Box Top 100 Singles chart.

He is also an independent entertainment executive and the older brother of musician Suzi Quatro. When Mickie Most was in Detroit, Quatro persuaded him to see Cradle perform. Suzi Quatro was part of the band. Most decided to sign her as a solo act, but did not want to break up Cradle, which was a family band. When Cradle eventually did break up, Suzi Quatro signed up with Most.[2]:76–79 As a result, she became a major rock star, the first female bass player to do so.[3]:2[4]



  • 1972: Paintings (Evolution)
  • 1973: Look Deeply into the Mirror (Evolution)
  • 1975: In Collaboration with the Gods (United Artists)
  • 1976: Dancers, Romancers, Dreamers, and Schemers (United Artists)
  • 1977: Gettin' Ready (Prodigal)
  • 1980: Bottom Line (Spector)
  • 1980: Michael Quatro Band (Lotus)
  • 1995: Vision (Quatrophonic Music USA)
  • 2004: Romantic/Classical/New Age (Quatrophonic Music USA)
  • 2005: Heavenward (Reiwan)
  • 2005: The Shadow of the King (Michael Quatro)


  • 1972: "Circus (What I Am)"
  • 1995: "Song of the Sea"


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