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Michael San Nicolas
Delegate-elect to the U.S. House of Representatives
from Guam's at-large district
Assuming office
January 3, 2019
SucceedingMadeleine Bordallo
Member of the Guam Legislature
Assumed office
January 7, 2013
Personal details
Born (1981-01-30) January 30, 1981 (age 37)
Talofofo, Guam, U.S.
Political partyDemocratic
Spouse(s)Kathryn Santos Ko
EducationUniversity of Guam (BA)

Michael "Mike" Franklin Quitugua San Nicolas (born January 30, 1981) is a Democratic senator in the 34th Guam Legislature, serving since 2013. He serves as chairman of the Committee on General Government Operations and Federal, Foreign, & Regional Affairs.[1] San Nicolas is also the Delegate-elect to the United States House of Representatives, having won the November 2018 election for Guam's at-large congressional district. San Nicolas defeated eight-term incumbent Madeleine Bordallo in the August Democratic primary,[2] and then won the general election.

Early life, education and family[edit]

San Nicolas, born on January 30, 1981, is the eldest son of Miguel Borja San Nicolas and Eva Quitugua San Nicolas of Talofofo, Guam, both long-time educators at the Guam Department of Education. His paternal grandfather Enrique Santos San Nicolas served in the Guam Congress pre-territory and his maternal grandfather was former Speaker of the Guam Legislature Franklin Joseph Arceo Quitugua. He is also the great grandson of Ignacio Perez Quitugua, who served in the 1st to 9th Guam Legislatures.[3]

San Nicolas attended Father Dueñas Memorial School, John F. Kennedy High School, and Southern High School, graduating from the latter.[3]

In November, 1998, President Bill Clinton visited Guam and delivered a speech to a large rally gathered at Adelup.[4] As a youth speaker, San Nicolas introduced Clinton to the attendees.[5]

San Nicolas studied history at the University of Guam. While attending the University, he served as Speaker of the 22nd Guam Youth Congress from 1998 to 2000 and elected by his peers as President of the Student Government Association in 2002-2003. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Guam in 2004.[3]

San Nicolas met his future wife, Kathryn Santos Ko, while he attended John F. Kennedy High School. They married in 2005, and together have two children. Prior to running for the Legislature San Nicolas worked as Assistant Vice President and Financial Advisor at the Bank of Guam.[5]

Guam Legislature[edit]

32nd Guam Legislature[edit]

After his first election, San Nicolas was chosen by his colleagues in the 32nd Guam Legislature to lead the Committee on Aviation, Ground Transportation, Regulatory Concerns and Future Generations. His committee held a number of oversight hearings for the Department of Revenue and Taxation, including such issues as long lines experienced by taxpayers at the Department[6] and tax collections.[7] San Nicolas' committee had jurisdiction over the Department of Public Works' bus operations, for which it held an oversight hearing in July 2013 to discuss procurement issues and plans for bus operations for the next school year.[8]

In March 2014, San Nicolas introduced a bill to allow foster children to be included in the government of Guam's group health insurance, expanding their treatment options.[9] On October 3, the bill was passed by the Guam Legislature.[10]

San Nicolas introduced the "Guam Intrastate Securities Exchange Act" in September 2013, which would have mandated the creation of an Intrastate Securities Exchange Program within the Guam Economic Development Authority.[11][12] The bill would have taken advantage of the intrastate offering exemption in the Securities Act of 1933 to establish a local exchange program, where local investors can buy stocks, bonds and other securities issued by local businesses.[13] After passage of the bill by the Guam Legislature, the measure was vetoed by Governor Eddie Calvo.

In October 2013, San Nicolas introduced a bill to bring the local mortgage origination market into compliance with federal regulations by adopting regulations under the Guam Secure and Fair Enforcement of Mortgage Licensing Act of 2010. After unanimous passage of the Guam Legislature, the measure was signed into law on November 15, 2013.[14]

In June 2014, San Nicolas introduced a bill to extend the filing deadline for real property tax exemptions, which would lock in the property tax valuations for senior citizens who file prior to the deadline. In October, the bill was passed by the Guam Legislature.[10]

Retirement Reform[edit]

In May 2014, San Nicolas introduced a resolution to request that Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo introduce legislation to the United States Congress to allow government of Guam employees to be covered under Social Security. The resolution is aimed at addressing a long-standing issue with employees of the government of Guam who are members of the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan, which provides inadequate savings from the default contribution to provide adequately for members' retirement.[15] In June, the resolution passed with the unanimous support of the Guam Legislature.[16]

Pay for Elected and Appointed Officials[edit]

January 2014, San Nicolas introduced a measure to tie government executives' and most elected officials' compensation to performance measures. The bill was passed by the Guam Legislature on February 1, 2014,[17][18] but the bill was vetoed by Governor Eddie Calvo.

In November 2014, shortly after reelection, acting Governor Ray Tenorio called a special session of the Guam Legislature to consider Bill 1 (8-S). The Guam Legislature passed the measure with 10 yeas and 1 nay. Senator San Nicolas was marked as an excused absence by the Clerk of the Legislature.[19] On December 9, 2014, Senator San Nicolas introduced a bill to repeal the pay raises.[20] The Bill was defeated by a vote of 9 to 2 on the same day.[21] Later in December, Senator San Nicolas donated his retroactive pay increase to a local charity, Sanctuary, Inc.[22] Since that point, Senator San Nicolas has continued to donate his salary increase to charity.[23]

33rd Guam Legislature[edit]

For his sophomore term, San Nicolas was chosen by his colleagues in the 33rd Guam Legislature to lead the Committee on Finance & Taxation, General Government Operations, and Youth Development.[24]

In March 2015, Senator San Nicolas, who chaired the Committee on Finance and Taxation, which has oversight over the Department of Administration (DOA), delayed the confirmation of former Senator Tony Blaz as Director of Administration since deposits in the Income Tax Refund Efficient Payment Trust Fund have fallen below the amount required by law. About this, Senator San Nicolas said, "Going forward, in order for tax refunds to always be paid on time year after year, we need to ensure that DOA is depositing the required amount." [25]

Retirement Reform[edit]

In January 2015, Vice Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz introduced Bill 2-33 (LS), which would establish a new Hybrid Retirement System.[26] Senator San Nicolas favored the establishment of a retirement plan that would mirror the contribution rates of social security and provide for a transition to Social Security for government of Guam employees if that option becomes available. In February 2016, Vice Speaker Cruz and Senator San Nicolas announced a compromise retirement bill that provides for a Hybrid Retirement Plan and a cash balance retirement plan.[27] The compromise bill passed with a unanimous vote in support in May 2016.[28] Governor Eddie Calvo vetoed the bill on May 17, 2016.[29] On September 14, the Guam Legislature overrode the Governor's veto.[30]

In April 2015, Senator San Nicolas met with various professionals in the Social Security Administration and the Staff Director of Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA) Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Social Security to secure a path to providing Social Security benefits to government of Guam workers.[31]

Pay for Elected and Appointed Officials[edit]

Senator San Nicolas introduced Resolution No. 2-33 (LS) on January 5, 2015, requesting that Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo introduce a bill that any law varying the compensation of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and/or Senators in the Guam Legislature only take effect after a General Election has intervened. The resolution was passed in an overwhelming 12-2 vote.[32]

In the 33rd Guam Legislature, Senator San Nicolas introduced his first bill of the session to repeal the pay raises, require that the public hearing on pay raises may not be waived for the compensation of elected officials, and that the effective date of any future pay raises shall be after a General Election has intervened.[33] Although the bill was enacted into law on February 25, 2015, the provision repealing the pay raises had been removed.[34]

In October, Senator San Nicolas introduced a new measure to repeal the pay raises for elected and appointed officials. The measure failed by one vote in November 2015.[35] In January 2016, the Guam Legislature reconsidered the measure and it passed 9 to 5.[36] Governor Calvo vetoed the measure on February 4, 2016. A veto override was attempted 12 days later, but received only 9 of the 10 votes necessary.[37]

34th Guam Legislature[edit]

Shortly after his inauguration in January 2017, Senator San Nicolas introduced Bill No. 11-34 (COR), to restore the previous salaries of elected and appointed officials that had been raised by Public Law 32-208.[38]

In February, San Nicolas introduced Bill No. 23-34 (COR), which would establish operational continuity plans throughout the government of Guam, to bolster the Government of Guam's readiness for emergencies.[39]

In December 2017, Senator San Nicolas introduced Bill No. 220-34 (COR), to establish a Guam false claims act modeled after the federal False Claims Act.[40] In December 2017, Senator San Nicolas introduced Bill No. 221-34 (COR), to make the Guam Ethics Commission an elected body.[41][42]

Federal Affairs[edit]

In April 2017, Senator San Nicolas introduced Resolutions No. 63-34 (COR), 64-34 (COR), and 65-34 (COR), which each seek to improve Section 30 tax collections.[43][44][45]

In September, San Nicolas introduced Resolution No. 215-34 (COR), which requests the Federal Trade Commission to review the trade practices and market concentration in Guam's fuel market.[46][47] Resolution 215 was adopted unanimously by the Guam Legislature on September 29, 2017.[48]

In December 2017, San Nicolas introduced Resolutions No. 310-34 (COR),[49] 311-34 (COR),[50] and 312-34 (COR).[51] Resolution 310 petitions the United States Congress to amend the Organic Act of Guam to require funds be set aside for tax refunds.[49] Resolution 311 petitions the United States Congress to amend the Organic Act of Guam to require ratification by the voters for tax increases.[50] Resolution 312 petitions the United States Congress to amend the Organic Act of Guam to require ratification by the voters for bond borrowing in excess of $25 million.[51]



In 2012 as a first-time candidate, San Nicolas finished 8th in the Democratic primary (maximum of 15 winners), receiving more votes than three incumbent Senators.[52] In the island-wide general election in November, San Nicolas placed fifth.[52]


In his bid for re-election, San Nicolas placed fifth in the Democratic primary.[53] In the general election San Nicolas placed tenth, but received more votes than his 2012 run.[53]


In the Democratic primary in 2016, San Nicolas received second place by four votes.[54] In the November general election he again received the second-most votes.[55]

2018 Congressional Election[edit]

In the 2018 Guam Primary Elections, San Nicolas ran to be the Democratic Party of Guam's candidate for Delegate in the November 2018 General Election. On Aug. 25, 2018, San Nicolas won the primary election against Democratic incumbent Madeleine Bordallo by 3.4% of those who voted in the Democratic Party's primary election.[2]

He defeated the Republican Party's candidate, Doris Flores Brooks in the General Election.[56][57]


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