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Michael Schmidt is a Canadian dairy farmer and advocate for raw milk.[1][2][3][4] His story is documented in the film Milk War.[5]

In January 2010, Michael Schmidt was found not guilty on 19 charges relating to the sale of raw milk in the Ontario Court of Justice.[6] On appeal to the Ontario Court of Justice, that decision was overturned. Schmidt was convicted on thirteen counts and imposed fines totaling $9,150 and one year of probation.[7] A subsequent appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal was dismissed.[8]

In 2010, an injunction was granted against Schmidt barring him from distributing raw milk in British Columbia.[9] In 2013, Schmidt was found guilty of contempt of that order and sentenced to 3 months of imprisonment, suspended for 1 year of probation.[10] In 2015, his appeal was dismissed.[11]

In 2011, Schmidt went on a five-week hunger strike to protest the judgements against him.[12]


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