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Michael Kirtland Skinner
BornMay 12, 1956 (1956-05-12) (age 63)
Known forwork on epigenetics
Spouse(s)Roberta Anne McMaster (married 1975 in Pendleton, Oregon)
  • Jason Kirtland Skinner, born June 20, 1977 in Portland Ore
  • Shanna Elizabeth Skinner, born Nov 22 1981 in Pullman, Wash.
  • Hugh Kirtland Skinner
  • Tonya Valorie Skinner née Wolf

Michael Kirtland Skinner (born May 12, 1956) is a U.S. biologist specializing in epigenetics.

Skinner was born in Redmond, Oregon to Hugh Kirtland Skinner and Tonya Valorie Skinner née Wolf.

He made A.S. at Warner Pacific College in Portland in 1977, B.A. in chemistry at Reed College, Portland, in 1979, Ph.D. in biochemistry at Washington State University in 1982, and post-doc at the University of Toronto until 1984. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Environmental Epigenetics published by Oxford University Press.

In 1975, Skinner married Roberta Anne McMaster. They have two children.


Skinner was the 2013 recipient of Smithsonian magazine's American Ingenuity Award in the Natural Science category.


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