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Michael Spindler
Born (1942-12-22)December 22, 1942
Berlin, Germany
Died 2017 (age 74)[1]
Alma mater Technical University in Cologne
Known for CEO of Apple Computer, Inc.
Spouse(s) Maryse
Children Karen, Laurie and John

Michael Spindler (22 December 1942 in Berlin – 2017[1]) was president and CEO of Apple from 1993 to 1996.

Spindler graduated from engineering at Technical University in Cologne in 1964[2] and worked at DEC and Intel, before he moved to join Apple Computers.[3]

Having joined Apple in 1980 after Mike Markkula brought him over to help out with Apple's European office, he rose through the ranks in Apple's European operations as President of Apple Europe, then President of Apple International and was chosen to take over as CEO when John Sculley was ousted by Apple's board of directors in June 1993. Spindler lived in the San Francisco area since 1985 until his death around 2017. [2]

Spindler presided over several successful projects, such as the introduction of the PowerPC, as well as some major failures, including the Newton and the Copland operating system. He also engaged in takeover discussions with IBM, Sun Microsystems and Philips, but when these went nowhere, he was in turn replaced by Gil Amelio, on February 2, 1996. Spindler was known as "diesel" due to his operational management inside Apple.


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Preceded by
John Sculley
Apple CEO
Succeeded by
Gil Amelio