Michael Stewart (boxer)

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Michael Stewart
Born December 20, 1977
Birthplace Columbia, Tennessee, U.S.
Nationality US American
Hometown New Castle, Delaware, U.S.
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Nickname No Joke
Classification Welterweight
Boxing Record
Fights 53
Wins (KOs) 43(23)
Losses 7
Draws 2

Michael Stewart (born December 20, 1977, Columbia, Tennessee) is a professional boxer. He has held the USBA light welterweight title. In perhaps his most high-profile bout, he was knocked out by Ricky Hatton in round 5. He also lost an IBF title fight by decision to Sharmba Mitchell.

Michael was a contestant on the reality series, Contender Season 2 on ESPN. On it, he was picked to be a member of the Blue Team. In the first round, he fought Ebo Elder, winning by knockout, but Grady Brewer beat him by unanimous decision in the semifinals winning 50-45 on all scorecards.

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