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Michael “Mike” Stewart (April 19, 1945 – November 13, 2002) was the co-founder and guitarist for We Five.

Life and career[edit]

Stewart was the brother of John Stewart (1939–2008), a one-time member of The Kingston Trio and later a very successful singer/songwriter, and the father of Jamie Stewart, frontman of popular avant-garde group Xiu Xiu. Stewart eventually became a successful record producer, with one of his biggest successes being Billy Joel's Piano Man.

He left the music industry in the early 1990s and became a computer programmer. He later played bass in his son's band The Indestructible Beat of Palo Alto (IBOPA).[1]

Stewart died on November 13, 2002, reportedly a result of "a long illness."[2] However, Jamie Stewart has acknowledged that his father's death was, in fact, a suicide.[3]

The track "Mike" from Xiu Xiu's album Fabulous Muscles concerns Jamie's reaction to his father's death.

Wounds to Bind: A Memoir of the Folk-Rock Revolution, a reminiscence by We Five co-founder Jerry Burgan incorporating Burgan's childhood friendship with Stewart, ponders Stewart's death, life and creative drive.[4]


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