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Michael Thomson
BornEdinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Michael Thomson is a Scottish actor, best known for his portrayal of nurse and transplant coordinator Jonny Maconie in the medical drama Holby City.

Early life and career[edit]

Thomson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.[1] When Thomson was a pupil at James Gillespie's High School, Janie McGill, his teacher, spotted his acting potential and told his mother that he could have a future as an actor.[1] Thomson went to the National Youth Theatre in London when he was young.[2] Thomson trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art for three years.[2][3] During his early career, he worked on building sites and as a charity mugger.[1]

After Thomson finished the theatrical production A Round-Heeled Woman in the West End of London, he auditioned for the part of Jonny Maconie on Holby City.[4] Two auditions were held and he got the role.[2][4] Thomson made his first appearance on Holby City on 15 May 2012.[5] Thomson underwent research for the role, including taking a tour of a hospital and meeting patients there.[4] On 26 November 2012 he appeared on Lorraine, talking to Lorraine Kelly about a storyline in Holby City.[6]

Personal life[edit]

Thomson is in a relationship with Natasha Rickman, an actress who graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.[1][2] He has four brothers and one sister.[2]


Television and film[edit]

Year Title Role
2012-2015 Holby City Jonny Maconie
2015 Retribution Michael
2016 Midsomer Murders - "Harvest of Souls" Niall Deeley


Production Role Director Ref(s)
Wagstaffe the Wind-Up Boy Wagstaffe Janice Dunn [7][8][9]
Accidental Death of an Anarchist The Maniac Gari Jones [3][7][8]
Iph ... Achillius Sue Lefton [3][7][8][10]
Journey's End Mason Tony Casement [3][7][8][11][12]
Habeas Corpus Dennis Wicksteed Janice Dunn [3][7][8]
Coriolanus N/A N/A [7]
Of Mice and Men Curley Nikolai Foster [3][7][8]
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui Bowl/Inna/Hook Janice Dunn [3][7][8]
Three Sisters Fedotik David Hunt [3][7][8]
The Crucible Proctor Penny Churns [8]
Spring Awakening Ernst Gadi Roll [8]
Romeo and Juliet Benvolio Jeff Gould [3][8]
Mary Rose Cameron Richard Baron [8]
Love Play N/A Fiona Buffini [8]
Amy's View Toby Cole Natalie Wilson [3][8]
Beyond the Horizon Andy Laurie Sansom [3][8][13][14][15][16][17]
Spring Storm Dick Laurie Sansom [3][8][13][14][15][16][17]
The Syndicate Nait Sean Mathias [8][18][19]
A Round-Heeled Woman Andy/Graham/Dance teacher Jane Prowse [8][20][21][22]


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