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Michael W. Allen in 2009

Michael W. Allen (born 1946) is an American software developer, educator, and author. He is known for his work on e-learning, and led the development of the Authorware software.


Allen received a BA in psychology from Cornell College, and MA and Ph.D. from the Ohio State University in educational psychology.[1] From 1971 to 1984 Allen worked for Control Data Corporation on its PLATO computer-based education system . He rose to be director of advanced educational systems R&D. Allen founded Authorware in 1984, incorporating it in 1985. Authorware merged with MacroMind-Paracomp in 1992 to form Macromedia, which was later bought by Adobe Systems.[2]

Allen formed a spinoff of the professional services division of Authorware called MediaPros, which was acquired by Lifetouch, Inc. a year later.[3]

He founded Allen Interactions, Inc. in 1993, acting as chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The company designs custom interactive e-learning applications and provides consulting and training services.[2]

He founded Allen Learning Technologies in 2010 and serves as chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The company announced project Zebra in 2010, a new e-learning authoring system.[4]

He is associated with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health as an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.[5] He consulted on a study that used e-learning to reduce the spread of HIV.[6] [7]

Allen is the author of several books, most notable being Michael Allen's Guide to e-Learning, and is editor of Michael Allen’s e-Learning Annual, first published in February 2008.[8] In May 2011 the American Society for Training & Development presented him a distinguished contribution award.[5]

Allen was a 2012 Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipient by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations.[9]


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