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Michael W. Warren
OccupationForensic anthropologist

Michael W. Warren (Ph.D., D-ABFA) is a forensic anthropologist, and an associate professor at the University of Florida. He currently serves as the William H. Garmany Term Professor of Human Rights & Social Justice in the Department of Anthropology, and as Assistant Director of the William R. Maples Center for Forensic Medicine. Dr. Warren is a diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Anthropology.[1] He is a board member of the Scientific Working Group for Forensic Anthropology (SWGANTH).[2] He is also a member of the Forensic Advisory Board of the International Committee for the Red Cross. Since 2009, Dr. Warren has been the director of the C.A. Pound Human Identification Laboratory, the University of Florida's forensic anthropology laboratory.[3] The C.A. Pound Laboratory performs analyses of skeletal remains for many of the 24 medical examiner districts in the State of Florida.


A student of the late Dr. William Maples at the University of Florida, Dr. Warren has contributed to casework at the C.A. Pound Laboratory since 1991. He has also assisted with personal identification in mass disasters, and helped to identify and document war crimes against the victims of genocide in Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo. In 2011, he testified in the trial of Casey Anthony regarding the death of Caylee Anthony.

Research and publications[edit]

He is an author of the introductory textbook Bare Bones: A Survey of Forensic Anthropology (along with co-authors Nicolette M. Parr, Katie Skorpinski, and Carlos Zambrano).[4] He is an editor of The Forensic Anthropology Laboratory, a volume that includes contributions from Dr. Thomas D. Holland, Dr. Richard L. Jantz, and other prominent forensic anthropologists (Heather A. Walsh-Heaney and Laurel E. Freas are the volume's other editors).[5] Dr. Warren has published multiple research articles in peer-reviewed forensic journals such as the Journal of Forensic Sciences and Forensic Science International. His research interests include human variation, trauma analysis, the effects of cremation on human remains.


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