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The Wayans family /ˈw.ənz/[1] is an American family including a number of successful directors, screenwriters, comedians and actors.

Keenen Ivory Wayans[edit]

Keenen Ivory Wayans, Sr. (June 8, 1958) is an actor, comedian, director and writer. He was married to Daphne Wayans from 2001 to 2005 and has five children; four daughters and one son.

  • Jolie Ivory Imani Wayans (born 1992)
  • Nala Wayans (born 1996)
  • Keenen Ivory Wayans, Jr. (born 1998)
  • Bella Wayans (born 2001)
  • Daphne Ivory Wayans (born 2003)

Damon Wayans[edit]

Damon Kyle Wayans, Sr. (September 4, 1960) is an actor, comedian and producer. He was married to Lisa Thorner from 1984 to 2000 and has four children; two sons and two daughters.

  • Damon Wayans, Jr. (born 1982), American actor, comedian, and screenwriter
  • Michael Wayans (born 1985), American actor
  • Cara Mia Wayans (born 1987), American actress
  • Kyla Wayans (born 1990), American actress

Kim Wayans[edit]

Kim N. Wayans (October 16, 1961) is an actress.

Shawn Wayans[edit]

Shawn Mathis Wayans (January 19, 1971) is an actor and writer. He has three children; two daughters and one son.

  • Laila Wayans (born 1999)
  • Illia Wayans (born 2003)
  • Marlon Wayans (born 2005) is named after his uncle, Marlon Wayans.

Marlon Wayans[edit]

Marlon Lamont Wayans (July 23, 1972) is an actor and writer. He has two children, one son and one daughter.

  • Shawn Howell Wayans (born 2001) is named after his uncle, Shawn Wayans.
  • Amai Z. Wayans (born 2003)

Nadia Wayans[edit]

Nadia Wayans is an actress.

Elvira Wayans[edit]

Elvira Wayans (July 23, 1972) is a screenwriter. She has two children; one son and one daughter.

  • Damien Wayans (born 1980), American actor, screenwriter, television producer, and director
  • Chaunté Wayans (born 1982), American actress, comedian and editor

Diedre Wayans[edit]

Diedre Wayans is a screenwriter and producer. She has six children; four sons and two daughters.

  • Craig Wayans (born 1976), American actor, writer and television producer
  • Summer Wayans, American model and TV personality
  • Gregg Wayans, American actor and comedian
  • Jamel Wayans-Benson
  • Justin Wayans-Benson
  • Brandee Wayans-Benson

Vonnie Wayans[edit]

Vonnie Wayans is a screenwriter.

Family tree[edit]

Some of the family members include:[2][3]
Please note capitalization of surnames is typically used in genealogy trees

  • Howell Stouten WAYANS Born 1936, New York, NY. Married to Elvira Altheia GREEN Born 1938, New York, NY.
    • Dwayne Kim WAYANS Born 20 Jul 1956.
    • Keenen Ivory WAYANS Born 8 Jun 1958.
      • Jolie Ivory Imani WAYANS Born 1992.
      • Nala WAYANS Born 1996.
      • Keenan Ivory WAYANS Jr. Born 1998
      • Bella WAYANS Born 2001.
      • Daphne Ivory WAYANS Born 2003.
    • Damon WAYANS Born 4 Sep 1960.
      • Damon WAYANS, Jr. Born 18 Nov 1982.
      • Michael WAYANS Born 1985.
      • Cara Mia WAYANS Born 1987.
      • Kyla WAYANS Born 1991.
    • Kim WAYANS Born 16 Oct 1961.
    • Shawn WAYANS Born 19 Jan 1971.
      • Laila WAYANS Born 1999.
      • Illia WAYANS Born 2003.
      • Marlon WAYANS Born 2005.
    • Marlon WAYANS Born 23 Jul 1972.
      • Shawn Howell WAYANS Born 2002.
      • Amai Zackary WAYANS Born 2006.
    • Nadia WAYANS
    • Elvira WAYANS, Jr.
    • Diedre WAYANS
      • Craig WAYANS Born 27 Mar 1976.
      • Gregg WAYANS
      • Summer WAYANS
      • Justin BENSON
      • Jamel BENSON
      • Brandee BENSON
    • Vonnie WAYANS


Film and television productions with the involvement of more than one member of the Wayans family include:

  • Hollywood Shuffle (1987), a film co-written by Keenen and featuring Keenen, Damon and Kim
  • I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988), a film by Keenen also featuring Damon, Kim, Shawn and Marlon
  • In Living Color (1990-1994), a sketch comedy show created by Keenen and Damon also featuring Kim, Shawn and Marlon
  • Mo' Money (1992), a film written by Damon and starring Damon and Marlon
  • Blankman (1994), a superhero parody film starring and co-written by Damon, featuring cameos by Damon's children
  • A Low Down Dirty Shame (1994), a film by Keenen starring Keenen, also featuring Kim
  • Major Payne (1995), co-written by, co-produced by and starring Damon and featuring Damien Dante Wayans
  • The Wayans Bros. (1995-1999), a situation comedy starring brothers Shawn and Marlon
  • Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996), co-written by and starring Shawn and Marlon, produced by Keenen (who also appears in the film)
  • Waynehead (1996-1997), a short-lived animated series created by Damon with Shawn, Marlon and Kim
  • Scary Movie (2000-2013), a film franchise created by Keenen, Shawn, and Marlon; the first installment is the most profitable movie ever to be directed by an African American. The Wayans were only involved with the first two films, but are still credited for the subsequent movies.
  • My Wife and Kids (2001-2005) with Damon Wayans, which included Kim, Damien, Craig, Damon Jr. and Elvira among its writers, and featured many family members in guest roles
  • White Chicks (2004), a film directed by Keenen, co-written and co-produced by Keenen, Shawn and Marlon, and starring Shawn and Marlon
  • Little Man (2006), a film directed by Keenen, written and co-produced by Keenen, Shawn and Marlon, and starring Shawn and Marlon
  • Thugaboo (2006), animated children's TV specials
  • The Underground (2006), a sketch comedy show created by and starring Damon, featuring Damon Wayans, Jr., with music by Dwayne Wayans
  • Dance Flick (2009), a film directed by Damien Dante Wayans, written by many members of the family, and starring Damon Wayans, Jr. and other Wayans family members
  • Second Generation Wayans (2013), a TV show co-produced by and co-starring Damien and Craig


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