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Michael Wildman is a British actor who appeared in the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He played the role of aggressive, feisty centaur Magorian, who plays a small part in the eventual outcome of the plot.

Prior to accepting this role, Michael was in the West End playing Lance Corporal Dawson in A Few Good Men alongside Rob Lowe and other programmes, most notably in Episode 5 of the British sitcom Extras alongside Samuel L. Jackson and in the part of the first Marc MacKenzie in Family Affairs.

Screen credits[edit]

  • Back as Tom
  • London Has Fallen as Agent Voight
  • Midsomer Murders as Killion Staples episode 18.4 "A Dying Art"
  • Silent Witness (2016) as DI Joe Curtis
  • Eve (2016) as Lord Hoffman
  • The Sweeney (2012) as Evelyn Simmonds
  • Being Human (2012) as Milo
  • Acts Of Godfrey (2012) as Jamie
  • Me and Mrs Jones (2012) as Nero
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as Magorian Centaur
  • Frankenstein (2007) DCI Connely
  • W delta Z (2007) as O'Hare
  • The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) as CRI Agent
  • Walter's War (2011) as Edward Tull
  • Primeval (2009) as Captain Ross
  • Miranda (2011) as The Gym Instructor (Series 1 Episode 3 Job)
  • Holby Blue ( 2008 ) as Adam Starkey
  • New Tricks (2010) as Milton Joseph
  • Plus One (2009) as Vic
  • "Waking the Dead" Black Run (2005) TV Episode as Tom
  • "Extras" Episode No.1.5 (2005) TV Episode as Danny
  • "Down to Earth" Ignorance Is Bliss (2005) TV Episode as Alex Faraday
  • "Family Affairs" (1997) TV Series as Marc MacKenzie No.1 (2003–2004)
  • "Peep Show" Episode No.1.5 (2003) TV Episode as Band Member
  • "Casualty"
  • A Hard Day's Night (2003) TV Episode as Rollo
  • Team Work (1999) TV Episode as Karl Lawrence
  • "Is Harry on the Boat?" Episode No.1.6 (2002) TV Episode as Josh
  • "happiness" (2001) TV Series as Toby X
  • "Smack the Pony"
Episode No.1.7 (1999) TV episode
Episode No.1.3 (1999) TV episode

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