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Michael Wood is an American cryptographer who designed the REDOC encryption system.[1][2] He is also author of The Jesus Secret and other books.[3]


  1. ^ Bruce Schneier Applied cryptography: protocols, algorithms, and source code in C 1996 "REDOC III REDOC HI is a streamlined version of REDOC n, also designed by Michael Wood [1615]. It operates on an 80-bit block. The key length is variable and can be as large as 2560 bytes (20480 bits). "
  2. ^ Thomas W. Cusick, Michael C. Wood, The REDOC II Cryptosystem, pp. 545 - 563, CRYPTO 1990.
  3. ^ website "Today, Cryptographer Michael Wood's full time devotion is deciphering the Koine Greek papyri, the Hebrew Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Aramaic documents found in Wadi Murabbat to unravel more ancient Biblical revelations. His previous discoveries are documented in The Jerome Conspiracy, The Hidden Bible, The Jesus Secret, and Breaking the Romans Code."