Michael de la Pole, 3rd Earl of Suffolk

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Arms of De la Pole: Azure, a fess between three leopard's faces or

Michael de la Pole, 3rd Earl of Suffolk (1394 – 25 October 1415) was an English nobleman, the eldest son of Michael de la Pole, 2nd Earl of Suffolk and Katherine de Stafford.

He brought 20 men-at-arms and 60 archers to France in 1415, in company with his father, who died at the Siege of Harfleur.[1] Michael thus succeeded to his title, but enjoyed it only briefly as he was killed seven weeks later at the Battle of Agincourt,[2] one of the few important English casualties of the battle. He married before November 1403 Elizabeth Mowbray, daughter of the 1st Duke of Norfolk,[3] but left no sons, only daughters:[4]

  • Catherine de la Pole (b. 6 May 1410), nun at Bruisyard
  • Elizabeth de la Pole (22 July 1411 – bef. 1422)

He was succeeded by his brother William de la Pole. Tradition holds that he was buried at either Butley Priory in Suffolk of which he held the advowson, or the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Ewelme, Oxfordshire.


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Peerage of England
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