Michael of Imereti

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Constantine I and Michael I, kings of Imeretia (Gelati fresco).jpg
Fresco of King Michael, right, and his brother King Constantine I.
King of Imereti
Reign 1327–1329
Predecessor Constantine I
Successor Bagrat I
Bagrat I
Dynasty Bagrationi
Father David VI Narin
Mother Tamar Amanelisdze
Died 1329
Burial Gelati Monastery
Religion Georgian Orthodox Church

Mikeli (Georgian: მიქაელი) (died 1329), from the House of Bagrationi, was king of the western Georgian kingdom of Imereti from 1327 to 1329. The second son of David VI Narin by his first wife Tamar, Mikeli revolted against his elder brother Konstantini I's rule and took the provinces of Racha and Argveti. Konstantini died childless and Mikeli succeeded him as king. In spite of having the title of the “king of Kartvelians and Abkhazians, etc”, he actually reigned only over the western part of Georgia and held court at Kutaisi. He was succeeded by his son, Bagrat.

Preceded by
Konstantini I
King of Imereti
Succeeded by
Bagrat I