Michaela Dornonville de la Cour

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Michaela Dornonville de la Cour
Michaela de la Cour 2011-09-16 001.jpg
Michaela de la Cour in September 2011
Background information
Birth name Maria Susanna Michaela Dornonville de la Cour
Born (1961-08-16) 16 August 1961 (age 55)
Helsingborg, Sweden
Genres Pop music
Occupation(s) Singer, jewellery designer, actress
Years active 1991–present
Labels Universal Music
Associated acts Army of Lovers

Maria Susanna Michaela Dornonville de la Cour, also known simply as Michaela De la Cour or De la Cour, is best known as a singer in the Swedish pop music group Army of Lovers.


Michaela was born on 16 August 1961 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Her last name since birth Dornonville de la Cour a royal from her fathers side.

Prior to joining Army of Lovers, de la Cour qualified as a teacher (and has taught at the Adolf-Fredrik music school in Stockholm) and studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Los Angeles.

One of the most comprehensive interviews conducted in English with Michaela de la Cour appeared in the American publication Riveting Riffs Magazine in December 2013 http://www.rivetingriffs.com/Michaela%20de%20la%20Cour.html During the interview de la Cour talked with journalist Joe Montague about her childhood, her artistic heritage, which has led to her a career that includes music, fashion jewelery designer and painter. What stands in this interview with Riveting Riffs Magazine is how fondly Michaela de la Cour still reflects upon her time as teacher and especially when she worked with children that education systems in some countries might describe as "special needs" children who were falling behind in school, not because of physical handicaps, but due to emotional and environmental challenges.

She has also designs awards every year honoring those who have contributed in the fight against HIV (red ribbon for HIV Sverige (HIV Sweden))and she designed the Don't Drink and Drive Award.

Michaela de la Cour is portrayed in the Riveting Riffs Magazine interview with Joe Montague, as a generous individual who does a lot of philanthropic work and she is an avid animal rights activist and has given generously of her time and personal finances to rescue animals in need.

Michaela de la Cour is the owner of numerous businesses all of which demonstrate her entrepreneurial acumen. She is brilliant when it comes to marketing and it would appear that her work effort matches her marketing wisdom.

In November 2013 Michaela de la Cour was once again on television, this time in Odessa in the Ukraine. During the show, which was broadcast on 21 December 2013, she performed two songs; the upbeat, festive and cheery "Xmas", written for her by Stefan Axelsson, and "Homesapien".

She joined Army of Lovers in 1991, leaving in December 1995. Since her departure from the group, she released the single S.O.S. in 2000 through Universal Music. Releasing her own music on an independent label, she is again making music with Stefan Axelsson and was last seen on the TV show Miss Supranational in Poland singing one of her songs, Back on Earth, in August 2010.

She was booked for an exclusive gig in Ekaterineburg and started the New Year with her new show and singing new songs and a few old hits.

She was named Mrs Sweden in the mrsworld.com 2009 & 2010 competitions. The Mrs World TV shows are seen by 500 million people. Michaela is also working part-time with the Mrs Sweden project, giving other women a chance to win the title Mrs Sweden and to appear in the competition Mrs World.

She helps others to start their own company becoming a homesaler in Design Michaela de la Cour company.

She will be seen in an upcoming movie called Lies 2 Love, and occasionally works on TV and on stage.


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Solo singles:

TV parts[edit]

  • Sjukan (1996)
  • Dr Mugg (2002)


  • Sunshineboys (1996)

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