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Michaela Gunns is the protagonist of the British short film franchise ofh the same name, presented by Styx Productions. Currently featured in the first Michaela Gunns trilogy, consisting of Tortured by Revenge, Tortured by Revenge Part II and Michaela Gunns III. She is also the inspiration for two spin-offs of the series – Sister, an action film featuring two assassins from the second film and Preacher, a drama featuring the central antagonist from the trilogy. There are also rumoured to be more Michaela Gunns films in the works.

Concept and creation[edit]

Michaela Gunns was created by British writer/director Ben Allen while trying to design characters for a Christian mythology-themed drama. This script took a drastic turn when Allen decided the blonde female victim of the piece was going to fight back.

The search of someone to play the role wasn't long, as Allen went straight to one of his favourite leading ladies Hannah Ellis with the idea for a female hero who wasn't afraid to fight back and stand up for herself. Needless to say, Ellis was thrilled with the script.


Tortured by Revenge
The first film in the Michaela Gunns trilogy was part drama, part action with the central theme being female empowerment. Written, directed, edited and scored by Ben Allen. The character was initially victimised by a misogynist preacher who had already convinced his followers to kill two other women. Gunns however, decided to fight back.

After kicking the preacher down her stairs, she undergoes a transformation into more of a traditional hero. Storming the house where the preacher and his followers are holed up, she takes out his henchmen before kidnapping him and torturing him at an undisclosed location.

Tortured by Revenge Part II & Michaela Gunns 3
The second and third films in the first trilogy are being shot back to back in June 2010, as yet, no plot details are available.


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