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Michal Ansky
Ansky lectures at TED conference, Jerusalem
Michal Ansky with Karine Lima in Tel Aviv Port

Michal Ansky (Hebrew: מיכל אנסקי‎; born 1980), is a gastronomist, Israeli food journalist and television personality.


At the age of 17, Ansky wrote a food column for a local newspaper (Kol Ha’ir).[1] Michal Ansky is the daughter of Sherry Ansky, journalist and gastronomist, and Alex Ansky, actor and radio presenter. She was born in Jerusalem where she attended the Gymnasia Rehavia school.

Following the completion of her military service, Ansky wrote a column called "The Missing Piece" (Hahatiha hahasera)[2] for 'Walla' culture website, was part of the all-girl talk show "Girls" (Banot)[3] which aired on Hot Cable network in 2007, and wrote and presented a historical and culinary segment for the TV show "Quality time" (Zman Eichut)[4] which aired in 2007 on Channel 1.

In 2007, Ansky founded the Farmers Market at the Tel Aviv Port, which she currently continues to manage. The purpose of the market, which exists these days in six locations in Israel (Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Raanana, Herzeliya, Holon and Rishon Lezion).[5] is to bring fresh agricultural produce directly from the farmer to the consumer, thereby eliminating commissions and reducing the cost to the consumer.

In 2008 she worked as a culinary and cultural reporter for Ma'ariv newspaper[6] and also wrote for the gastronomic magazine "The Food Route" (Derech Haochel). In 2009 she participated in "The Dinner Club" (Moa'adon Aruchat Haerev),[7] which aired on Channel 2, as a field reporter.

Later on that year, Ansky started hosting two TV cooking shows: "As Fresh As It Gets"[8] alongside Chef Omer Miller and "The Queen of the Market",[9] both focusing on local and organic produce. The TV shows aired for 3 seasons on the Israeli Food Channel and Channel 10.

In 2010 Ansky founded "Shuk Hanamal",[10] the first indoor market in Israel at the Tel Aviv port, together with her husband, the architect Roee Hemed, and Shir Halpern.

In 2010 she hosted "Cooking from Books" (Mevashlim Mehasfarim)[11] for the Israeli Food Channel.

In late 2010, Ansky began presenting the Israeli version of Master Chef,[12] alongside Chefs Haim Cohen, Eyal Shani and Rafi Adar in Season 1, and Cohen, Shani and Yonatan Rochfeld in Season 2 and 3. The show's popularity led to Ansky being invited to join Master Chef USA as a guest judge, along with Chef Gordon Ramsay.[13] In April 2012, Ansky hosted the first season of Junior Master Chef Israel, alongside Haim Cohen, Eyal Shani and Yonatan Rochfeld.[14]

Ansky currently presents the radio show, "Ansky and Enzel"[15] together with Efrat Enzel, on the 103FM radio station.

In December 2012, Ansky gave a talk on food and memories at Tedx Jerusalem,[16] an independently organized TED event.

Ansky's first cookbook, titled "'Food from Home", was published in January 2013.[17]

In 2015 she was involved in few joints culinary ventures with Amir Bramly who invested Rubicon Business Group funds. She also invested her own private funds with Amir Bramly's "Kela fund". In November 2015, following Kela fund's financial difficulties she said in a television interview with Channel 2 news that she lost more than a million NIS (250,000 USD) via these investments. Restaurants which were owned by Bramly's Rubicon Business group but managed and presented under Ansky's name were closed,[18] and some of her planned future joint ventures with Bramly, including a planned food market in New York City were cancelled as a result.[19][20] However she managed to salvage some of the planned joint ventures with a court approved "divorce" restructuring, so that they reverted fully to her name in return for a 1.2 million NIS payment to Rubicon.[21]

Military service[edit]

Ansky served as an officer in the military in the Israeli Air Force Filming Unit. After completing her military service, she continued to do reserve duty as an administrations officer in the Public Relations Unit.[22]


Personal life[edit]

Ansky was married to Israeli architect Roee Hemed. Their daughter was born in February 2011. They divorced in 2013.[24]


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