Michal Dutkiewicz

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Michal Dutkiewicz
Born Adelaide, South Australia
Nationality Australian
Area(s) Cartoonist, Penciller, Artist
Notable works
"Angelwitch, Book One: Dragonscarpe"

Michal Dutkiewicz (born 1955)[1] is a professional illustrator and comic book artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. The son of artist Wladyslaw Dutkiewicz,[2] Dutkiewicz has worked on a variety of comic book titles, including Lost in Space (with actor and writer Bill Mumy),[3] Wolverine: Doombringer,[2] Batman Forever[4] and Superman,[2] as well as an illustrator on works such as Angelwitch, Book 1: Dragonscarpe [5] and Angelwitch, Book 2: Triumvirate,[6] with author, Pat McNamara, and conceptulist, Gary Turner (musician), for publisher Angel Phoenix Media and The Picture, a popular Australian men's magazine.


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