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Michal Levin (born 1952) is a writer, spiritual teacher, and pioneer of her own independently developed LEAP (Life Energy Activation Process) Meditation, that she also describes as a chakra meditation.[1] Since 1991 she has been involved with teaching about subtle Energy and how working with it can, as she claims, transform both the individual and the wider world. Levin has published four books to date.


Michal Levin was born in South Africa and later lived in Zimbabwe and the USA. She is currently living and working in England. Levin became a successful television journalist in the UK in the 1980s, working on the campaigning programme Hard News for the newly formed Channel Four and as the Medical and Science correspondent for the BBC’s high-profile current affairs programme Newsnight.[2] Levin has also worked as a management consultant and held the post of Beauty Editor of upmarket British magazine Tatler. Levin has written for a number of UK newspapers and publications, including The Daily Telegraph, Vogue, Evening Standard and The Times, both as contributor and columnist.[3]

In 1990, Levin, suffering from what she described as a sense of unease and physical discomfort, took a sabbatical and "sat on my bed one evening and determined to try meditation", Levin wrote in The Daily Telegraph in June 2002. "No sooner had I shut my eyes than I found myself emerging on what I can call only another level of reality. It was a domain inhabited, in some sense, by presences. It had geography".[4] Over the months that followed Levin meticulously recorded the significant quantity of input she was given in meditation, and her experiences, in a diary. It was during this time, that Levin gained, according to her own claims, the ability to 'see' and understand ‘energy’.[5] Levin's experiences were sufficient to confirm to herself Carl Jung’s observation: "Subtle body energies are both corporeal and semi-spiritual in nature".[6]

Levin also painted prolifically at this period. Many of these paintings were later used to illustrate the book, Meditation, Path to the Deepest Self. Levin states that in 1991 she was pressed to use her gifts to help clients. As a consequence of this stated pressure from her inner experiences, throughout the 1990s, she gave a series of seminars called Line of the Light that included key subjects such as Relationships and Death and the Dark. In 1994, Levin claims that her intuition saved her life when it led her to identify a tumour that no specialist, orthodox or alternative, had been able to detect. Levin recounts the story of her professed transformation in her autobiography, which was endorsed by former Times editor Lord Rees Mogg, writer Bel Mooney, and academic and specialist in near death experiences, Professor Kenneth Ring.

In 2004, Levin participated in setting up a venture capital fund in New York dedicated to new medical technologies. Levin's specific brief was to investigate technologies utilising frequency and vibration - energy - capable of influencing health and well being. As a result, Levin travelled throughout the United States surveying and assessing emerging energy medicine technologies. During that time, 2004–5, Levin also gave a series of seminars at Penn State Medical School, for medical professionals, called Essential Practise for Advanced Medicine, around her theories and experience of the energy body, known in part also as the biofield (USA NIH). In 2006, Levin was involved in formulating protocols for experiments at Penn State University Medical School investigating the efficacy of energy medicine.

In October 2009, Michal recorded an interview[7] with philosopher and founder of Integral Theory, Ken Wilber exploring the relationship between her work on the chakras as an energy system within the body and his work around developmental levels. The result is a comprehensive, illuminating and unique guide to the chakras – what they are and how they operate - and the way in which understanding and working with them, particularly through the LEAP Meditation, is essential to the developmental, evolutionary process of being human.

Based in the UK, Michal continued to work until late 2015 as an intuitive mentor to individuals from diverse backgrounds including academia, finance, the creative arts and almost all other spheres. She then ceased her mentoring work and returned to her initial calling as an intuitive or psychic offering intuitive reading to a limited number of clients.

Since 2007 Michal has written a monthly message, now known as the MIM, or monthly intuitive message. The MIM, distributed to subscribers, is sometimes described as a poem that aims to stimulate intuition and touch the soul, specifically working with the energy of each month.

Michal Levin has two grown-up children and four grandchildren.

Books and recordings[edit]

  • What Welcome? Reception and Resettlement of Refugees in Britain pub. Acton Society Trust (1982)
  • The Pool of Memory: The Autobiography of an Unwilling Intuitive pub. Gill and Macmillan Ltd (1998) ISBN 978-0-7171-2948-5
  • Spiritual Intelligence: Awakening the Power of Your Spirituality and Intuition pub. Hodder and Stoughton (2001) ISBN 978-0-340-73394-3
  • Meditation, Path to the Deepest Self pub. Dorling Kindersley Publishing (2002) ISBN 978-0-7894-8333-1
  • Energy The Real Story: Step One CD/download (2007)
  • Energy The Real Story: Paths to the Deeper Self CD/download (2007)


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