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Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh (born 31 March 1962 in Prague)[1] is a contemporary Czech writer. He writes about romantic relationships of his contemporaries with humour, variously successful irony as well as attempts at deeper meaningfulness; he is sometimes compared to Nick Hornby by his fans.


His books, since the late 1990s published every spring, usually sell about 50,000 copies each,[citation needed] bringing him an upper-high-class income unparalleled among Czech writers. By his own boastful admissions, his royalties from a successful book are equal to roughly 8 years of an average Czech salary. His 2004 income was CZK four million. His work has been translated into 23 languages.[1]


He is the recipient of the Jiří Orten Award (1993) and the Magnesia Litera Readers’ award (2005).[1]

Political views[edit]

Viewegh is a political adversary of the former Czech president Václav Klaus. In some of his recent novels this attitude has been strongly and pointedly manifested.[2]

Health issues[edit]

In late 2012 Viewegh suffered a traumatic aortic rupture and his health condition was serious. His difficult recovery is detailed in his "diary-novel" Můj život po životě (My Life After Life, 2013)[1]


  • 1990. Názory na vraždu ("Opinions on a Murder")
  • 1992. Báječná léta pod psa ("Bliss Was It In Bohemia") - humorous bestseller about the Communist era; adapted to film as Those Wonderful Years That Sucked in 1997 (co-scripted by Jan Novák)
  • 1993. Nápady laskavého čtenáře ("Thoughts of a Loving Reader") - collection of literary parodies
  • 1994. Výchova dívek v Čechách ("Bringing Up Girls in Bohemia") - translated by A. G. Brain (pseudonym of Gerald Turner) in 1996, ISBN 1-887378-05-7; made into a film in 1997
  • 1996. Účastníci zájezdu ("Tourists on an Excursion") - made into a film in 2006, successful at Tribeca Film Festival
  • 1998. Zapisovatelé otcovský lásky ("Notes on Fatherly Love")
  • 1999. Povídky o manželství a sexu ("Tales of Marriage and Sex") - adapted to film as Shameless in 2008 (co-written with Jan Hřebejk)
  • 2000. Nové nápady laskavého čtenáře ("New Thoughts of a Loving Reader") - second collection of literary parodies
  • 2001. Román pro ženy ("A Woman's Novel") - made into a film in 2005
  • 2002. Báječná léta s Klausem ("Wonderful Years with Klaus") - loose sequel to the first Wonderful Years criticising Václav Klaus before the Czech legislative election, 2002
  • 2003. Případ nevěrné Kláry ("The Case of Unfaithful Clara") - the 2009 film of the same name is loosely based on the novel
  • 2004. Vybíjená ("Dodgeball")
  • 2004. Tři v háji – with Halina Pawlowská and Iva Hercíková
  • 2006. Lekce tvůrčího psaní ("The Creative Writing Lesson") - novella
  • 2006. Báječný rok ("Wonderful Year") - a diary of 2005
  • 2007. Andělé všedního dne ("Angels of the Everyday") - novella with experience about his father's death
  • 2008. Román pro muže ("A Man's Novel")
  • 2009. Něco na těch Vánocích být musí ("What's So Special About Christmas, Anyway?") - short story collection published in 2010 by Garamond (Czech/English parallel text)
  • 2010. Biomanželka ("Eco-Wife")
  • 2011. Mafie v Praze ("The Mafia in Prague")
  • 2012. Mráz přichází z Hradu ("The Big Freeze from Prague Castle")
  • 2013. Můj život po životě ("My Life After Life")
  • 2015. Biomanžel ("Eco-Husband")

Collections of newspaper columns:

  • Švédské stoly aneb Jací jsme (2000)
  • Na dvou židlích (2004)


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