Michalis Souyioul

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Michalis Souyioul at right

Michalis Souyioul (born Souyioultzoglou) (Greek: Μιχάλης Σουγιούλ, 1906–1958) was a significant Greek composer in the early and middle 20th century.

He was born in Aydın, in the Ottoman Empire, but his family came to Athens in 1920. He was playing piano and later went to Marseille for musical studies. He was also relative to the well known Greek photographer Nelly's.

During the Interwar period and the 1950s, he wrote over 700 songs in different styles (tango, waltz, serenades, folk, laiko, romances etc.)

He composed also music for the Greek theatre and for ten Greek movies. His compositions were among some of the most popular pieces of the time. He co-worked with significant lyricists (such as Alekos Sakellarios) and singers (Sofia Vembo, Nikos Gounaris, Tony Maroudas, Kalouta sisters etc.).