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Michel Bras
Born4 November 1946 (1946-11-04) (age 72)
Culinary career

Michel Bras (born 4 November 1946) is a French chef. His cooking style is described as "creative" is often associated to fresh herbs and edible flowers. He has also created the recipe of a famous biscuit with chocolate coulant.[1]


His restaurant located in Laguiole in the Aveyron was rated three stars in the Guide Michelin since 1999. It is also classed in the "Relais & Châteaux" since 1992.[citation needed] In June 2002 he opened together with his son Sébastien a second restaurant at the Windsor Hotel of Hokkaido in Japan,[citation needed] where the chef and director since December 2015 is Simone Cantafio with Guillaume Vegreville as the room manager. In 2014, Michel Bras launched a brasserie inside the Soulages museum located in Rodez, Aveyron.[2] He chose to voluntarily give up his Michelin rating in September 2017 and did not appear in the 2018 Guide.[3]

In 2008, he and the Japanese brand KAI (specialized in knife confection and other blades) have been working together for a number of years, and have developed a custom knife series intended in majority to restaurant professionals.[citation needed]


Gargouillou of vegetables
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