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Michel C. Auger is a Québécois journalist. He is a political columnist for Le Soleil, though until April 2006 he worked for Le Journal de Montréal. [1][2] He is also the former president of the Fédération professionelle des journalistes du Québec (FPJQ).

Auger began his journalistic career in the newspaper Le Jour.[when?]

He has been a teacher of journalism in Africa.[when?][where?]

He is a political analyst often called upon by the TVA and LCN television networks (owned by the Quebecor media conglomerate, like Le Journal de Montréal). [3] He took part every week in the programme Indicatif présent on Première Chaîne for the segment called "Vindicatif Présent", until the departure of host Marie-France Bazzo that put an end to the legendary show in 2006.

From Fall 2013 to Spring 2015, he appeared on CBF-FM, Ici Radio-Canada Première's flagship station in Montreal, as host of the daily drive-time afternoon program Le 15-18.[4] As of Fall 2015, he is the host of Première's nationwide midday news and discussion program, Midi Info; he is still heard on Le 15-18 as that program's political commentator.

He is an enthusiast of the sport of baseball.[citation needed]

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