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Michel Casseux
Died1869 (aged 74–75)
Notable studentsCharles Lecour

Michel Casseux, also known as "Pisseux"[1] (1794–1869) was a Savate instructor.[2] He is widely considered one of the pioneers of the sport, and is even credited as its inventor.[3][4][5][6]


Based on streetfighting techniques he developed around 1820 "L'art de la savate".[7][8] He banned certain street-fighting manners and developed a regulated system for self-defense and competition.[9][10] Due to his efforts the new sport even became attractive to members of the French upper class who consequently attended his Savate gym.[11][12] Casseux elaborated the first training system for Savate and his gym (or "salle") was the first official Savate dojo ever.[13]


It was his student and successor Charles Lecour who eventually added boxing techniques to Savate and made it what is nowadays established as French Boxing.[14]


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